Sympathy for the forced witty headlines

Once you’ve titled your first 15,000 match reports, the possible variations to sum up the same type of event in a single sentence start to dwindle. That’s when the temptation to look for puns with some of the elements that are specific to that particular match besieges. In the case of Barça-Madrid on Saturday, the novelty was the link with the Rolling Stones, so the media put on the costume of Matías Prats to make some more or less successful jokes. And, listen, please: it’s only football (but I like it) and looking for a smile in this valley of tears is not the worst thing you can do. so much The Sport as RAC1 explained that “Bellingham crushes Barça’s guitar”. The subtitle of the TN was “Dissatisfaction blaugrana”.

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But it was the Brand who showed off the most With the help of artificial intelligence, it created an image where a young Mick Jagger wore the Blaugrana shirt while John Lennon appeared next to him, wearing the Madrid shirt, with a Beatles logo. It seems to me that the intersection between the values ​​of Real Madrid and those of John Lennon is a very thin line, but dreaming is free. More fun was another photomontage from the same medium where João Félix had been planted with an electric guitar. The instrument had a dart mounted on the fourth fret and the player – with an ecstatic face – marked the chord at the beginning of the handle, precisely on the side that is left unused by the action of the dart. It’s as ridiculous as portraying someone playing the piano with the lid down. In any case, the fun is welcome, however glorious headlines like “Cholos in the face of danger” o “Isco… ming home”.

2023-10-29 19:19:54
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