Surprises and Newcomers Dominate the Malaga Challenger Tournament

The great attractions did not advance in the Malaga Challengerlast days that were decaffeinated because Roberto Bautista, Pablo Carreño or Albert Ramos They packed their bags earlier than expected. It does not take away from the good level of tennis this week in Inacua, it is committed to a tournament that increases its level every year, this season taking advantage of the fact that there is a lot of field in this phase of the calendar. This Saturday the final was decided, with surprises seeing the big names that appeared in the final draw. Ugo BlanchetFrench player and number 324 in the ATP ranking, against the Italian Matthias Belluccimost contrasted on the circuit (144 in the world), will get closer to the Top 100 no matter what happens in the final.

Blanchet defeated the Frenchman in the first semi-final Maxime Janvier (6-1 and 7-6) in a day that was morning. After noon, Belluci won in a tighter match against the American Emilio Nava (7-6 and 6-4). The young American, 21 years old, left out Albert Ramos in the round of 16, as well as Alejando Moro Canas, the last Spaniard who survived in the draw. Two players who are unfamiliar to the average fan, but have proven to be the most solid on the blue slopes of Inacua. Finally, a Alexander Davidovich that he changed his roadmap after saying goodbye to the Asian tour; The man from Malaga will play the ATP in Stockholm next week.

Cash and Galloway, champion couple in doubles

For its part, this Saturday the final was played in the doubles category. The couple formed by Julian Cash and Robert Galloway, second seed, beat the Australians Andrew Harris and John Patrick Smith (7-5 ​​and 6-2) in 76 minutes of the final. Penultimate day of this Malaga Challenger that was not excessively long, a schedule carefully established with the events that take place in the city in the afternoon: the Kings League in La Rosaleda or the Unicaja-Joventut in the Martín Carpena, a few meters from Inacua .

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