Street football by Enrique Ballester

Every now and then I have to go to my old university and a question pops into my mind. I don’t remember very well what I did during all those years as a ‘student’. A couple of decades have passed and I seem to remember something, but I have considerable gaps. What exactly was I doing then? If I didn’t have children or jobs or even responsibilities, what was I spending my time on? Something sounds familiar to me about writing in internet forums, crawling through soccer leagues and watching Paramount for the first few hours of fun.

My wife usually refers to that time with the words ‘when we were dating’, and it can be said that that was my main dedication, being a boyfriend, because I didn’t go to class either. It was undoubtedly a time prone to madness and nonsense. I grew bangs, for example. I read some poetry, bought a scarf, and visited art exhibitions and galleries. It seems to me that I put football aside a bit, even, and perhaps I even verbalized that it was not that important.

bad years

Now I think about it and they were bad years: years of missing a Champions League match to go to a concert by a guy who played the ukulele. Years bordering the abyss. I don’t know how, but I was able to get out of it in time, luckily. From time to time I have to go to my old university because they have built some soccer fields and my son trains there every Wednesday.

Teo He has a great time, but when he grows up he won’t be able to say that he is a street soccer player – even though the other day he broke his eyebrow against a post – and all because of the university training sessions on Wednesdays. There I must admit that I am failing as a parent: the correct thing would be to give him a knife, buy him a carton of tobacco and leave him abandoned with a ball in a park.

Since he scored two goals against Barcelona, Bryan Zaragoza It is the new standard of ‘authentic’ football, the one that is not taught in schools or universities: street football. Experts explain his game of breaks and feints by saying that he learned it on the street. Apparently, that is now the key to success, and okay, but what about those who played with Bryan Zaragoza on the street and have not managed to be elite footballers. Didn’t those guys learn street football on the street? She left it in the air.

Bryan Zaragoza, the last of a line

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To the newest international Bryan Zaragoza He is presented as the last of a lineage. The Granada footballer is an exotic element in extinction, because – repeat after me – ‘there are no longer children who play in the street’. The first time I heard that ‘children no longer play football in the street’ Bryan Zaragoza Was not born. She also left it in the air.

Anyway, I envision a juicy business idea that I share here, because I love you more than anyone. Soccer academies are taking a long time to offer a specialized course in genuine street soccer. Dribbling past kids who cross the field with electric scooters, trying to score a goal without hitting the ball to distracted, strolling grandparents, and dribbling dog shit instead of plastic cones will be some of the first activities. It’s the last thing he left – for today – in the air.

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