Soraluce BKE Secures First Victory in Second National Basketball League

Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 9:11 p.m.


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Soraluce BKE’s first victory in the second national basketball league by beating Errobide on Sunday in Irun by 61-66 points in the second league matchday.

In the border town, the Bergara team made amends for the setback of the first day at home by 80-85 against San Prudencio, from Gasteiz. Defeat and victory this Sunday add up to three points to place themselves in the middle of the standings.

Soraluce BKE traveled to the last game hopeful because of the positive feelings they showed against the Gasteiztarras, but knowing the strength of Errrobide at home.

«Our first minutes were very good with intensity and correct decisions in attack. As the minutes passed we managed to get more into the game. Especially in the second quarter in which we set the pace,” they point out from the formation that went into the break with a fifteen-point lead.

Aware that they could not let their rivals enter the game, they pressed in the third quarter, but in the last quarter, the Irundarras pressed to complicate the final minutes. In this decisive stretch, a successful and strategic three-pointer and a tougher defense allowed the scoreboard to gain an advantage to establish the final 61-66 points.

Now the pending task is to win on the Labegaraieta parquet.

On Sunday they will have a chance on the third day starting at 6:00 p.m. against Padura.

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2023-10-17 19:13:59
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