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By Miguel Marne @miguel_marne

When sunset announces the beginning of a test that will throw us between trails, stones and raw nature while we are immersed in the night, we can only think about the security that our headlamp can provide us. And that security translates into the ability to illuminate and the life of our battery.

In addition, we need our race, which will last several hours, to be as comfortable as possible. We want to focus on our next step, on proper pace and downhill technique.

Today we analyze a front that covers all our needs, with technical solutions that will allow us to adapt it depending on the needs that arise and the type of activity we are looking for. We will analyze the SILVA Trail Speed ​​5X.


The Trail Speed ​​5X is Silva’s ultimate headlamp, compact and powerful, combined with a small, rechargeable 3.5 Ah (25.9 Wh) battery, perfect for long training or competition sessions.


The front comes standard with a slim and light 3.5 Ah (25.9 Wh) rechargeable battery, powerful yet compact. This battery allows you to carry out long training sessions or competitions with an autonomy of 20 hours in minimum mode, 8 hours in medium mode and 5 hours in maximum mode. The battery easily attaches to the holder or stores in a backpack or pocket with the extension cable. An LED battery indicator helps keep track of the charge level before and during your activity. There is also a built-in low battery warning and backup mode, which automatically adjusts the light to a setting that ensures you return home with a guaranteed 30 minutes of light.


This is a modular headlamp, which means that the headlamp can be changed between the headband and the helmet. This model includes 4 accessories:

Battery holder to keep the battery in place and improve comfort when wearing the battery on the headband Helmet holder designed to fit most helmets using a durable 3M sticker. Extension cable to store the battery in your pocket or backpack. Cable guides to keep the extension cable in place and guide it into the headband.


The Trail Speed ​​5X features “Silva Intelligent Light”, which is a unique combination of a long-range spotlight and a close-up reflector. This customization of light results in less head movement and a clear view of obstacles near and far, allowing us to gain the balance and confidence necessary to move quickly and improve our performance. The ingenious function “Silva Flow Light” It takes light optimization even further by providing perfect adjustment of the light pattern by simply tilting the headlamp. A downward tilt makes the beam wider, suitable for slower activities like running or uphill skiing. By tilting the front forward, the light reaches further, which is necessary for high-speed activities such as downhill skiing or running downhill. The super low mode feature (80 lumens) allows for long training sessions or runs by minimizing battery consumption when full power is not needed.

Comfort and weight

Weight is essential when you want to push your limits to the next level. The ergonomic battery holder is designed to keep the battery stable on the back of your head, but can be removed and replaced with the rear cable guide if you want to keep your headlamp clean and simple.

The wide, non-slip headband and battery holder ensure a comfortable fit even during long, hard activities. The headband is designed to fit over a helmet by removing the back plate, giving you the flexibility to use the included helmet mount or simply attach the headlamp to the helmet.

Technical characteristics

1200 real lumens. Slim and light 3.5 Ah (25.9 Wh) battery Weight: 215 g (with battery) / 86 g (without battery) Maximum mode: 1200 lm / 2-5 h / 160 m focal length. Medium mode: 450 lm / 6-10 h / 70 m focal length. Minimum mode: 80 lm / 20 h / 40m focal length. Silva Intelligent Light – Combining a long-range spotlight and a close-up reflector. Silva Flow Light – adapts the light pattern depending on the activity. Comfortable fit with a non-slip elastic band. Silva Connection System – allows the use of any Silva Li-Ion battery after 2008. “Super-low” mode (80 lm) – maximizes battery life Level indicator and low battery warning. Reserve mode ensures 30 minutes of use. Large on/off button makes it easy to use even with gloves. Water resistant – both the front and the battery meet IPX5 requirements.


The first thing that catches your attention about this front is its ease of assembly and its adaptability. It is really easy to equip and the extension cable that allows you to carry the battery outside the headband is a really functional accessory that makes wearing the headband even more comfortable, significantly reducing its weight and making pitching when running almost imperceptible.

When we face the darkness is where the true potential of this headlamp becomes clear. The three lighting modes provide versatility to our activity and adaptability to the situation in which we find ourselves, which will be a function of the terrain, speed and possible nighttime luminosity. The minimum mode gives us great battery life, and is enough to operate at low speeds; We can also tilt our focus to achieve more width in the cone of light. The medium mode improves the lumens very significantly and allows us to operate at higher speeds, maintaining a duration sufficient to spend practically an entire night and see the sunrise with guarantees. Finally, the maximum mode gives us exceptional lighting, with 1200 lumens that will give us absolute confidence in our movements at any travel speed.

We have no doubt, we are faced with a headlamp of exceptional quality, comfortable, versatile and long enough to cover whatever our needs may be. The one we have tested is the version with the best quality-price ratio, but Silva also offers us two other versions within the range depending on the battery in case our needs are different:

With 2.0 Ah rechargeable Ion battery. Autonomy: 10 h / 6 h / 3 h.

PVP: 179,00 €

With 3.5 Ah USB rechargeable Ion battery. Autonomy: 20 h / 8 h / 5 h

Includes fixing brackets for bicycle frame and helmet.

PVP: 225,00 €

With USB 7.0 Ah rechargeable Ion battery. Autonomy: 40 h / 16 h / 10 h

Includes fixing brackets for bicycle frame and helmet.

PVP: 274,00 €

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