Severe Weather Causes Road Fractures, Landslides, and Flooding in Valnure Region

Markedly affected by this wave of bad weather is the Valnure where the main river and several tributaries have swelled. In Casaldonato localitya hamlet of Ferriere, a large fracture involved the road leading to the town, the same fate for a road near Folli locality.

Landslides and small landslides have occurred in the surroundings of Ferriere, particularly in the Selva area. In Pomarolo locality a small bridge collapsed, while in Farini the flooding of a canal caused the flooding of a house.

The owner of the house, an elderly woman, was rescued by the police.

The Trebbia is also starting to rise and the Municipality of Rivergaro has already taken action by closing the accesses to the “riverside”.

2023-10-30 17:58:35
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