September Issue: Basketball Adventures and Success Stories in Basket Story Magazine

It’s time for issue 30 of Basket Storythe monthly magazine that will fascinate you with success stories from the world of basketball: every month a new adventure characterized by engaging stories and presentations of extraordinary champions, with fascinating curiosities about basketball.

Even in September Basket Story continues to be the magazine of great undertakings and true emotions. With the usual passion, the editorial staff of offers you another fascinating journey to experience with a basketball passport in your pocket.

Director Salvatore Cavallo scores the first basket with the editorial StoryBoard by title Free Throw Basketball World Cup, in which he presents the documentary film dedicated to wheelchair basketball and specifically to the Italian national team. A passionate analysis of a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience that goes beyond the universe of basketball and sport itself.

The Basketball Magic by Luca Corsolini gives us an immersion in basketball magic with a perspective that is always unique and at the same time intriguing. In the article Afternoon, flashes in the darktakes inspiration from the podcast launched by Gigi Datome and Nicolò Melli for a tour of the horizon… silent but noisy.

Con Baskets and boralet’s go and discover Trieste Story, accompanied by Federico Bettuzzi who takes us to the fascinating Trieste to tell us a story that mixes the beauty of the Julian city with the passion for basketball.

Deputy director Andrea Ninetti takes us to the discovery, especially for those who don’t already know him, of Under basketguiding us through the universe of fantasy basketball with Those who fantasize… A fun and intriguing immersion in the imaginative side of our favorite sport, to discover how to put your knowledge and skills to the test, donning the role of the FantaManager to take to the parquet floors of Lba series A, Lnp serie A2, Euroleague and even of NBA.

The journey starts again Coast2Coast through the timeless charm of basketball. With Beauty and history Enrico d’Alesio heads to Miami, inevitably focusing attention on Pat Riley, a character who needs no introduction. But on this journey you will discover a Riley like you’ve never seen him before.

How we were signed by Andrea Ninetti takes us back in time, giving space to memories linked to the Bancoroma play Stefano Sbarra.

The appointment with Book Story is dedicated toGet in the Gamethe book written by Linton Johnson, former player with important experiences first in the NBA and then in the Spaghetti Circuit.

Appointments and birthdays in September are always Paolo Lorenzi’s favorite way to score deadly triples with «It happened today and birthdays».

In closing there is the now usual window on sport beyond basketball with Sports people. Alessandra Rucco offers us a fascinating look at the racket champion Andre Agassi protagonist of Tennis player by all means.

Happy reading and may the magic of basketball accompany you!

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