Roger Federer’s Former Coach, Peter Lundgren, Undergoes Amputation of Left Foot

The former coach of tennis legend Roger Federer, Peter Lundgren, has to accept a stroke of fate. The left foot had to be amputated.

“I would like to give you an update. Unfortunately, I had to have my left foot amputated ten days ago,” the Swede posted on Facebook. It was Lundgren who coached Roger Federer to his first ever Grand Slam success. In the rest of the Swiss tennis ace’s career, he added 19 victories.

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The reason for the amputation: the Swede broke his ankle in mid-September and was in the hospital for a long time. However, an infection made it impossible for the injury to heal. What followed? The amputation of the left foot.

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Type 2 diabetes made healing the ankle very difficult. Avoiding surgery was impossible. After the operation, he posted a photo on Facebook of his bandaged leg, which was severed below the knee. “Now I’m feeling good again. I’ll start my rehab soon. And for me it means: Just give it my all,” wrote Lundgren.

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Lundgren was active as a player during Sweden’s golden age. The ex-professional was number 25 in the world. With Björn Borg, Stefan Edberg and Co., the Scandinavians were probably the best tennis nation in the world at the time. After three titles on the ATP Tour, Lundgren has been the coach of some top stars. In addition to Roger Federer, he was also active as a coach for the Swiss Stan Wawrinka, among others.

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