Resolved Problem Between Pramudya Kusumawardana and Yeremia Rambitan Ahead of Denmark Open

CNN Indonesia

Monday, 16 Oct 2023 23:02 IWST

Aryono Miranat stated that the problem with Pramudya Kusumawardana and Yeremia Rambitan had been resolved. (PBSI Archives)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Coming up Denmark OpenAryono Miranat stated that the problem exists between Pramudya Kusumawardana/Jeremiah Rambitan have been completed.

Aryono as the men’s doubles coach this time directly accompanied the team at the Denmark Open. Aryono has spoken with Pram/Yere and stated that the existing problem has been resolved.

“I have spoken with Pram/Yere, the problem has been resolved and they said they are ready to appear here.”

“Hopefully their communication can be better, their fighting power will also increase so that they will be more motivated to win the match,” said Aryono in a PBSI release.

Pram/Yere looked problematic when appearing at the Arctic Open last week. In this tournament, Pram/Yerre had minimal communication and interaction. They didn’t even do just a toast.

In their three appearances at the Arctic Open, Pram/Yere always played in silence. After successfully winning two matches in silence, Pram/Yere lost to the Malaysian doubles, Man Wei Chong/Kai Wun Tee in the quarter-finals.

Previously, Aryono admitted that he had spoken to Pram/Yere about this issue before leaving for Finland. However, in reality Pram/Yere communication in the field is still problematic.

This time, Aryono spoke directly with Pram/Yere again ahead of the Denmark Open. In the first round, Pram/Yere will meet Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan.



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