Real Madrid also wins the Euroleague ‘clásico’, a festival of errors

The ‘classics’ cannot get tired, because each one is a movie. In some cases of terror, despite facing two of the fittest teams in Europe. Because Real Madrid and Barcelona went to great lengths in their third meeting of this season to see who was worse from the free throw, the line of three or gave up more rebounds. But as in the Super Cup (80-90) and in the League (86-79), Chus Mateo emerged victorious in his particular statistics with Roger Grimau (65-64). Satoransky had three free throws to take the game to overtime, but he missed his attempt in a game rarefied by continuous failures; and advantages that stretched and shrank like chewing gum.

Deck, with 20 points and seven rebounds, and the Frenchman Vincent Poirier (14 and 7) were the highlights of a Real Madrid that remains the sole leader. The two teams arrived with a 4-0 and the need to extend their form to excellence. The last minute drop of Laprovittola conditioned Roger Grimau’s initial quintetwhile he Real Madrid lost Yabusele, his most valued man in the competition. The Barça team entered a match led by the centers much better. Vesely and Tavares marked the initial development. The Cape Verdean was the only one who understood the starting context of a meeting that went to the first timeout after 6-14.

First quarter of Barça dominance

The white team’s three out of ten field goals diminished the initial momentum of a WiZink team that had not seen its team lose all season. They followed the development of the meeting Bellingham, Vinicius o Rodrygopreparing for the atmosphere of Saturday’s ‘clásico’.

The first points did not arrive until one minute before the end of the first quarter. Deck, the first outside of the Madrid painting that contributed to the score. Barça’s aggressiveness, reflected with a great dunk by Willy Hernangómez, allowed them to leave with an advantage in the first stage, certified with a 12-19.

Madrid’s Argentine connection

Nothing to do with the second act, which was a game in itself. Roger Grimau’s men reached 16-30 as their maximum advantage, but Real Madrid ended up picking up the pace of the game. He did so by racking up thirteen offensive rebounds that made up for the absolute calamity from the three-point line, a deficit he shared with the Barcelona in this room. As soon as the Argentine connection between Campazzo and Deck was activated, the match completely changed temperature.

Chus Mateo’s men have a great capacity to deliver spectacular hits when they seem to collapse. The transition to half-time, which was reached with a minimum advantage of two points (28-30), perfectly defined the state of the game. At the buzzer, Deck scored a triple after 15 attempts by Real Madrid. The nine points in a row for the ‘Turtle’ left the game practically as it was at the beginning. Barça went eight minutes without scoring, to the point that after the restart Real Madrid managed to take the lead on the scoreboard for the first time at 32-30 after a 16-0 run.

Insufficient reaction from Barça

Tavares had three fouls since midway through the second quarter. To alleviate that burden, Hezonja and Musa put in defenses that made much more sense than in the early stages. Barça missed free triples, but above all they had a leak on the rebound while Deck did not stop adding to his account. He did it from all records, infecting his teammates, but above all subduing a Barça team that was dissolving until fitting an unbearable partial of 30-9.

The Catalans were in a dead end that ended up costing Roger Grimau a technique. He reached the end of the third quarter with a difference of ten points (51-41). From the sensations, Real Madrid seemed to have the circumstances of the match under control. Barça activated the ‘Jokubaitis factor’ in the last quarter to reduce the distance and compensate for the loss of rebounds. He got back into a game that had an outcome perfectly framed in its development. With review and the winning team certifying a close result from the free throw line.


65 – Real Madrid (12+16+23+14): Campazzo (6), Deck (20), Musa (4), Abalde (-), Tavares (8) -starting five-, Hezonja (7), Sergio Rodríguez (4), Poirier (14), Llull (2) and Rudy Fernández (-).

64 – FC Barcelona (19+11+11+23): Satoransky (10), Abrines (11), Kalinic (7), Da Silva (3), Vesely (12) -starting team-, Parker (-), Jokubaitis (6), Parra (-), Hernangómez (13), Brizuela (2) and Nnaji (-).

Referees: Ilija Belosevic (SRB), Milan Nedovic (SLO) and Luka Kardum (CRO). Eliminaron por cinco faltas a Satoransky (min.39)

Incidences: Match of the fifth day of the Euroleague basketball match played at the WiZink Center. In the preview, a minute of silence was held in memory of Fernando Fernández-Tapias, member of the board of directors of Real Madrid, and Carlos Alfredo Guerini, former player of the soccer team.

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