Purple Basketball Celebrates Home Victory Against Barcelona

Important home success for the Purple basketball. First victory of the season at home for the neroarancio.

An audience that respects the numbers and passion seen in the previous round at home, a roaring result against an excellent team Barcelona. Many details to review, especially in the defensive phase reported in the post-match press conference by coach Federico Cigarini who does not agree with the team’s final relaxation, ready to demand the maximum from a young group that conquers the third victory in four races played.

Very tight match: Reggio starts well with the first “official” baskets at PalaCalafiore by Illia Tyrtyshnyk. The Ukrainian plays at the top although the verve of Indelicato and especially Fernandez seems anything but compliant. 25 to 16 in the first quarter.

In the second, the guests, accompanied by a good crowd of visiting fans, struck with Fernandez, overtook their opponent and took the lead. The race has many faces. Aguzzoli is the liveliest of the locals. Binelli commits his fourth personal foul too soon 42 to 47 at halftime.

In the third quarter something changes: Coach Cigarini he loads his men beyond belief. One basket after another with Aguzzoli as MVP, followed closely by Simonetti making amends after a few too many errors.

The break is devastating: plus seven at the end of the third quarter which amplifies in the fourth reaching 89 to 71. Is it all over? Absolutely not. Barcelona, ​​”rolling up their sleeves” with the right humility, will recover everything, or almost the disadvantage, arriving at minus 6.

It’s too late: the neroarancio win and embrace the friendly public. Young people to improve, without a doubt, but with two more points in their bag.

Viola Basketball-Barcelona 99-89 (25-16,17-31,34-23,22-19)

Purple basketball:Aguzzoli 26,Riversata,Simonetti 15,Konteh, Maksimovic 20,Mavric 11,Mazza,Seck 6,Binelli 2,Tyrtyshnik 19,Russo,Collu.All Pippo Biondo Ass Peppe Costantino

Barcelona:Bilous,Gojgovic 4,Acosta,Drigo 10,Indelicato 20,Sahin,Tartamella 7,Urosevic,Lalic 14,Marangon,Cerruti 7,Fernandez 27.All Federico Cigarini Ass Seby D’Agostino

Referees: Alessandro Lorefice from Ragusa and Federico Macelli from Augusta (Sr)

2023-10-22 22:27:16
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