Olympics, Russia and Bach: The IOC does what it wants – sport

Thomas Bach continues to rebuild the Olympia Group according to his ideas. Russia will be banned, but only symbolically – and the new IOC member will be a German who no one in German sport had expected.

Thomas Bach has been in Mumbai since Monday and has immediately become part of Bollywood. With a scarf and a flag we went to the football, the kickers were queuing up. The media is also excited, the German President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) sang brightly about the imminent resumption of the national sport of cricket in the Olympic Games program as well as India’s medal haul at the recent Asian Games: a strong argument for a bid for the Games in 2036 ! Sporting merits as an award criterion? The fact that not all the neighbors on the other side of the Arabian Sea notice this – the World Cup in Qatar should have taken place in 2122.


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