Novellara Prays for Samuel Dilas: A Community in Apprehension

Novellara (Reggio Emilia), 15 October 2023 – Novellara hopes for a miracle. The entire community of the Bassa is currently in deep apprehension for the desperate conditions in which it finds itself twenty-four Samuel Dilasbasketball talent who grew up here and now with Virtus Lumezzane basketball.

Dilas has been hospitalized in the civil hospital of Brescia for almost two weeks: a terrible and unexpected illness hit him hard, causing a series of complications to his internal organs. After some partially successful recovery attempts, it seems that in the last few hours the situation has worsened, perhaps irremediably. Alongside him, in addition to the managers of the Serie B team, there are obviously his parents and seventeen-year-old sister, who live in Novellara.

Samuel Dilas is grew up sportingly in Novellara, where he lived and where his family lives (parents Igor and Chiara and younger sister) and where he returns at every opportunity. In the town of Reggio Emilia you pray and carefully follow Samuel’s clinical situation.

“He – confides the president of Pallacanestro Novellara, Daniele Mariani Cerati – it was born sportingly here with us. When I became president, in 2012, Samuel started hitting the parquet. He was part of an extraordinary group, which in 2016-2017 won the title of Italian Elite Under 18 champion.”

In 2018 the transition to Forlì in A2then ad Avelllino and finally to Lumezzane, in the Brescia area. Samuel passed the various stages in the youth basketball teams of Novella with a one-year stint at Pallacanestro Reggiana. “We are close to Samuel and his family in these difficult days. We know – adds president Mariani Cerati – that the his former companions went to Brescia, to be close to him. The same friends we recently saw playing basketball with him on the pitch at the Primavera park in Novellara. Samuel has always been a huge basketball fan. This game has always been his priority. He was always at camp with his friends. We hope that we can see a light, a hope at the end of the tunnel. I remember him as a shy, introverted boy who, over time and with sport, grew a lot, even as a man. We are all very close to him.”


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