Nova Sport Secures Broadcasting Rights for Formula 1, Returns to Main Channel

Do you still remember the program Prima rana? At the turn of the millennium, it was Prima that broadcast F1 races and, as a bonus, it also had its own trivia competition focused on motorsport after the big prizes. From 2006, the carousel of the prestigious motoring competition moved to Nova, which covered the broadcasts for domestic fans until the end of the 2014 season. Then came the turning point, for the first time ever, Czech and Slovak fans had to pay for F1 broadcasts.

The broadcast was moved to paid Sport TV channels, where we still see the championship today. But that too will soon change. Since the 2024 season, Nova has again acquired the broadcasting rights. However, Formula 1 will not return to the main channel, the races will run on sister stations Nova Sport.

“Our commitment is to bring viewers the best sports experiences and exclusive content of the highest quality. The Champions League, Bundesliga and NHL are now being joined by another global sports brand whose popularity has been growing in recent years,” said Dušan Mendel, the head of Nova’s sports department.

Photo: F1

Formula 1 will run on Nova Sport stations from next season. Hopefully we will also see a closer fight for championship titles.

In addition to Formula 1, the Nova Sport station also broadcasts MotoGP and NASCAR races today. If you were expecting the revelation of all the details, including the layout across individual channels or the introduction of the commentators themselves, you will be disappointed. We have to wait some more time for the details, according to the latest information, Nova will reveal them at a press conference in the winter of this year.

However, Nova should hurry with its statement. Eager fans are already bombarding her social networks because they are interested in whether the live broadcasts will be moderated by the increasingly popular duo Števo Eisele and Josef Král. It has created a huge fan community around itself in recent years, not only thanks to its own EisKing podcast. When Nova said goodbye to F1 years ago, Tomáš Richtr moderated the live broadcasts with the help of Pavel Fabry. Both of them continue commentating even today, for Sport TV on the Czech soundtrack.


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