“My basic rights have been violated”

BarcelonaThe fact that his statement before Marta Durántez, the deputy prosecutor, has been leaked to the media, has upset Jennifer Hermoso, who has issued a statement through her agency, TMJ. In the letter he assures: “The continuous leaks and the lack of guarantees prevent our player from being able to carry out the process [judicial] with normality”. Thus, TMJ considers that “the limits have been exceeded, that Jenni’s basic rights have been violated and that she has been exposed again to public opinion without any type of consent transgressing the your data protection rights”.

On the other hand, the representation agency points out that “these events not only put their health at risk, but also put at risk the reliability and independence of the judicial process in which we have trusted so much at all times”. Because of all this, Hermoso, his legal team and TMJ have decided to “take several actions to protect and ensure your privacy.” One of them has been to urge the competent bodies to “take measures against those responsible for the leaks and look for solutions to guarantee the security and custody of the information of the case during the criminal process”.

In fact, the law firm representing Hermoso, Senn, Ferro, Asociados Sports & Entertainment has submitted a letter to the judge of the National Court asking that “the privacy of the victim be guaranteed and the witnesses and tests as appropriate”. On October 5, the head of the central court of inquiry 1 of the National Court removed the documentation, audios and transcripts of the case from the platform to which the parties have access, which obliges anyone who wants to consult them to attend the National Court in person.

Public appearance of Hermoso

This statement coincides with the public appearance of the former Barça player this morning, when she was honored by her current team, the Mexican Pachuca, in the International Football Hall of Fame. There, Hermoso read a text of thanks in which he referred to the events that occurred since on August 20, the then president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, allegedly kissed him without consent during the awarding ceremony medals after the Spanish team won the World Cup for the first time in its history.

“Even though it’s been a while, I still wonder what we did that night. We won a title, we went around the world and we became one of the greatest teams in history, but deep down, we achieved something much more human, more transcendental – explained Hermoso – We were not world champions to lift a trophy that stays in the display cases, receive a compensation bonus or go out on thousands of covers that wrinkle with the time: we were world champions because it was the only way left for us to be heard, respected and valued”, he added.

In addition, he considered that “millions of girls around the world have felt identified and protected by this group of brave, committed and honest players, who in every new step they have taken have always thought of the future of all of them” . And he ended his speech with the following proclamation: “We won on the pitch and off it to ensure an inclusive sport and society that protects us all. And to the whole world I mean it” hi: it’s over! I’m Jenni Hermoso, I’m a soccer player and I’m that girl who managed to be world champion.”

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