MSV Duisburg Coach Boris Schommers Reflects on Disappointing Loss in Lower Rhine Cup

Shortly after the first win of the season and the introduction of Boris Schommers as the new coach, MSV Duisburg lost in the second round of the Lower Rhine Cup to the upper division club KFC Uerdingen. The coach shows understanding for the disappointed fans.

Boris Schommers imagined his first game as coach of MSV Duisburg differently. IMAGO/Brauer photo agency

Just two days after his official presentation at MSV Duisburg, Boris Schommmers suffered his first setback. The Zebras lost 1-0 against KFC Uerdingen in the new coach’s debut on Wednesday evening and thus failed in the second round of the Lower Rhine Cup.

The Duisburg team’s form curve has actually recently been pointing upwards. Under Engin Vural, who initially moved up to the professionals on a temporary basis as Torsten Ziegner’s successor, there was a 0-0 draw against Preußen Münster a week and a half ago and last weekend even the first win of the season in a 1-0 win over SpVgg Unterhaching.

Lack of luck, harmless offense

Nevertheless, those responsible decided to move Vural back to the U19 team and handed the helm to Schommers. In the traditional Grotenburg, he now had to watch as his team remained harmless offensively and even allowed themselves to lose their edge in extra time after a goalless 90 minutes.

“We also lacked a bit of luck in the second half,” the coach emphasized to “RevierSport,” but he still knew: “If you don’t manage to score a goal over 125 minutes, then you can’t win a game.”

This also caused great displeasure among the accompanying supporters, for whom the duel between the two former Bundesliga teams was of great importance. “It is clear that the fans, like us, are disappointed and angry. But we will have to accept it and I will endure it,” announced Schommers.

However, the fact is that MSV is not even in the round of 16 of the national cup for the third time in the last five years – they failed in the semi-finals twice. For the fourth time in a row, the Zebras will most likely not take part in the DFB Cup next year.

Schommers now wants to “get involved”

But for MSV there is much more at stake than just a lack of cup revenue. “We are bottom of the table in the 3rd league, eliminated from the Lower Rhine Cup and have enough to do with ourselves. We have to get going and do better the things that we didn’t do well,” announced Schommers.

He now has some time to do this, as the third division game that was originally scheduled for Sunday could be postponed due to the absence of U-20 national player Caspar Jander. So the game continues on the following Saturday, October 21st (4:30 p.m.), with a home game against Arminia Bielefeld.

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