Mourinho is counting on him for the turning point match

ROME Nobody speaks. Neither Mourinho much less Inzaghi. It is a choice that goes against the trend and cannot help but make you smile when you imagine the noise that will accompany every ball touched by him at 6pm. Lukaku. If accompanied by a few hundred/thousands of whistleblowers who will enter despite the Police Headquarters’ ban, Roma should care little. Also because Nerazzurri fans are already making efforts with the Whistle application, which can be downloaded for free on mobile phones, which reproduces a sound similar to that of a whistle. However, the match is played on the pitch rather than in the stands. Someone like Bomber Pruzzo, who played (and won) these matches, always likes to remember that “no matter how noisy, a stadium has never scored a goal”. So the ball goes to the protagonists, in a challenge between exes who lost, with Dzeko’s farewell in the summer, a piece of 90. Replaced in terms of shirt number and size by Lukaku himself who leads a Roma team with 5 consecutive successes ( 3 in the league and 2 in the cup). There’s no point in beating around the bush: today is the number 9 test. For Romelu, who has reached 8 goals in the season, but not only that.

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The Giallorossi are back in the wake of the top teams who will fight for a place in next year’s very rich Champions League until the end but after the handicap start they need a sharp move to get their accounts back into balance. The one with Inter could be the right opportunity. It’s a shame that the four players who decided the match at San Siro last year with assists (Spinazzola and Pellegrini) and goals (Dybala and Smalling) will be missing. To the sad tally must be added the obsession of GM Pinto (Sanches) plus the long-term patients Abraham and Kumbulla.

However, this is not the time to make excuses. Not even the two extra days of rest in favor of the Nerazzurri should weigh in a match where motivation will be king. On the one hand, everyone is against Lukaku. From the Nerazzurri fans to his former teammates who have not failed to take aim at the Belgian in recent days. From Lautaro to Di Marco everyone spoke, except the person directly involved, Romelu, who limited himself to guaranteeing his teammates that he felt ready for the great challenge. And then Mourinho took care of protecting him. Pinto also tried, aware however that on the pitch he will be up to Lukaku.

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Big Rom is ready to meet another ex, less character than him but no less important. The reference is to Mkhitaryan who has been gone from Rome for two years now but beware of reminding Mourinho of this. It was José himself who extended his career, transforming him from an attacking midfielder into a hidden director of the midfield. Now Inzaghi is enjoying it as a midfielder but the Armenian, despite the arrival of Paredes, is one of those wounds that the Portuguese has not yet healed. A bit like Matic who suddenly became “mister” from Nemanja. For Miki, no public digs, just private displeasure and special attention today. Because the Portuguese shaman wants to follow up on a prerogative that gave him two goals against Slavia and other joys in the last away match in Cagliari. That is, the recovery of the balls in the last 25 meters of the opponents. The Giallorossi have the highest percentage of recoveries (23%) ending with a shot in the entire Serie A. Together with defensive stability (just 1 goal conceded in the last 5 games) and Romelu’s streak are the keys to attempting the business. Maybe between the opposing whistles.


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