MLS Salary Guide Reveals Lionel Messi as Highest-Paid Player in America

Major League Soccer (MLS) unveiled their annual salary guide on Wednesday evening. The MLS players’ organization traditionally publishes the salaries of every active football player active in the American league. Naturally, most eyes are on the Inter Miami star’s salary. This is what the Argentine earns in America:

It will come as a surprise to few people, but Messi is the highest-paid footballer ever in America. The former FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain player earns 19.4 million euros per year at Inter Miami, which puts him head and shoulders at the top of the list. This amount is much lower than the annual salary that Messi earned at his old clubs.

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In Barcelona and Paris, Messi was allowed to contribute more than a hundred million euros annually. The amount at Inter Miami is separate from other income. Messi also rakes in tons of money in America from commercial deals. Thanks to Adidas and Apple, co-club owner David Beckham managed to lure Messi to Inter Miami.

Sergio Busquets (1.7 million euros) and Jordi Alba (1.2 million euros), both active for Inter Miami, do not earn nearly as much as Messi. This annual amount, just like Messi, is separate from other income. Lorenzo Insigne (Toronto FC) is number two on the list with 14.6 million euros. Xherdan Shaqiri of Chicago Fire earns an annual amount of 7.7 million and completes the top three.


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