Martín and Sebastián have a special feeling and even talk about the ‘Disney Princesses’

Martín and Sebastián meet in ‘First Dates’CUATRO

Martín He is 23 years old and is a journalist from Madrid. When we ask him on ‘First Dates’ how his recent relationships have gone, he answers with grace: “In love I have done like Spain in Eurovision. There have been good things, but…” Your appointment today is Sebastián22 years old and studying philosophy.

Martín and Sebastián seem to have a good feeling from the first moment and Martín even jokes with your datewhose name coincides with the inseparable friend of Ariel, the Disney princess: “Just yesterday I was watching ‘The Little Mermaid’ and he has the sauce. I don’t ask him to sing, but he has the salsa of Sebastián, who is Latin… ”

Sebastian tells him that ‘Mulan’ It is his favorite Disney movie and Martín confesses that he has never seen it…They will meet on a second date outside of ‘First Dates’ to see her?


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