League Cup Reaches Midpoint with Teams Fighting for Qualification and Survival

The date of the classics has passed and League Cup completed the first half of its regular stage. It is time for definitions, and who more, who less, everyone is fighting for something: qualification to the quarterfinals of the tournament, entry to the Libertadores and Sudamericana cups next season, and for many, almost half, the mind It is focused on the fight for permanence.

The superclásico, as expected, left smiles on one side and regrets on the other. he won it River, who had a great time in the Bombonera, with a 2-0 win thanks to goals from Salomón Rondón and, already in injury time, from Enzo Díaz. There was relief for Martín Demichelis, somewhat questioned after an interdict with leaders, and also because he ended a bad streak outside the Monumental, in addition to celebrating after five years at Brandsen 805. In addition, he is Independiente’s escort in Zone A and returns to wear the candidate’s suit.

It hurts Bocawho did not play well beyond the controversies with referee Merlos, once again showed his offensive deficit and suffered a mental impact that requires immediate recovery: on Thursday, Xeneize plays the season in the rematch of the Copa Libertadores semi-final against Palmeiras, in San Pablo, with the obligation to win after 0-0 in Buenos Aires. A defeat, depending on the circumstances, could mark the destiny of coach Jorge Almirón. In the League Cup they are 11th among 14 teams in Zone B, and they need to add to the annual table because at this moment they are in the South American zone; If he does not get into the top four of the annual tournament, his entry into the 2024 Libertadores could force him to risk everything in the Argentine Cup.

The Avellaneda classic also left its mark. Independiente beat Racing 2-0, and that defeat marked the end of coach Fernando Gago’s cycle in the Academy, in an unsustainable situation, with an irreversible divorce with the fans, despite the fact that the albiceleste team remains at the top of Zone B. El Rojo achieved a victory invigorating, and for the first time he begins to look with some relief at the bottom of the annual table, even though he is still not completely saved. The clean and jerk, with six games without losing, allowed him climb to the top of Zone A. But Carlos Tevez and his team understand that, for the moment, they must first focus on gaining peace of mind and definitively leaving the large group of teams fighting to avoid relegation.

The neighborhood classic between Huracán and San Lorenzo ended with a highly discussed and controversial 1-1. Pussetto had put Globo ahead, which seemed to take a historic victory for the Nuevo Gasómetro after 22 years of frustrations. But Ciclón reached the tie with a penalty in stoppage time, although neither referee Pablo Echavarría nor the VAR observed a previous foul by Bareiro against Carrizo that invalidated the sanction. The Blaugrana continues without getting out of an eternal series of draws, and Huracán remains restless, just one point above the relegation places.

In Arroyito, Rosario Central defeated Newell’s 1-0. Big celebration for Miguel Russo’s Canalla, who came out of the bottom in Zone A and entered the qualification zone for the Copa Sudamericana. On the contrary, the red and black team was further away from the cups, and coach Gabriel Heinze had to be supported by president Ignacio Astore, who supported Gringo. “These games mark you,” accepted the coach, who has important challenges awaiting him in the coming weeks.

In the south of Buenos Aires, Banfield narrowly defeated Lanús. Valuable three points for the Drill, one of the most complicated in the lower part of the annual table. El Granate is still immersed in a negative stage: it has only won one of its last 13 games, and is last in Zone B, without victories in the League Cup.

These are the tables of the League Cup

Heading for the drinks

The Professional League only confirmed River’s passage to the next edition of the most prestigious tournament in South America at the club level. Everything else will be resolved with the Argentine Cup and the Professional League Cup that began this weekend. River (with Argentina 1 plaza) will be accompanied by the champion of the League Cup (Argentina 2) and the winner of the Argentine Cup (Argentina 3).

That’s it, direct income. Then the national presence will be expanded with the place of “Argentina 4”, the best placed team in the general table of the season (with the 27 games of the League plus the 14 of the regular stage of the League Cup), provided that not be one of the three previously located. The two teams immediately below will enter as Argentina 5 and Argentina 6.

Logically, this equation can change if one of those teams wins one of the next two tournaments; In that case, the Libertadores quota would go to the next best-placed team, and so on. The same would happen if River wins the League Cup.

The six teams best placed overall for the season (of those that do not compete in Libertadores 2024) will enter next year’s Copa Sudamericana. Logically, the positions can be modified to the extent that any of those clubs located in those positions win the League Cup or the Argentine Cup, or manage to enter the Copa Libertadores through another means. To take into account, In case of equality of points in the general table of the season, the tie-breaking criteria will be the following: best goal difference, most goals scored, best placed team in the Fair Play table, and finally, draw. This will only apply to cases of placement for cup classification.

The fight for permanence

In the League Cup two descents will be defined, after the change made by the AFA to reduce the teams that will lose the category from three to two. Here They are relegated last in the table of averages for the last three seasons, and last in the general table for the season. If they coincide, the second relegation will be the one that finishes penultimate of the general table. This is what is happening right now, because Arsenal are virtually relegatedlast in the average table, 21 points below Sarmiento and Platense.

The table of averages, with Arsenal practically relegatedLa NACION Editorial Team

The other relegated to second would be penultimate, a position shared today by Gimnasia de La Plata and Vélez. In the case of descents in particular, the regulations stipulate that, If there are equal points, a tiebreaker match must be played. Although there is only one relegation in dispute in the annual, the concrete thing is that There are 13 teams grouped in just five pointsso none can be neglected, and the difference between adding three points or losing them – with several direct duels, in addition – begins to have enormous weight with seven dates remaining.

The lower part of the annual table, with a decline to be definedEditorial LA NACION

How to play the next date

The groups of the Professional League Cup:

How is the League Cup defined? Once the 14 rounds have been played, the four best in each group will advance to the quarterfinals to face rivals from the other side in a single match, on the court of the highest ranked team. Then the semifinals will be played and, finally, the final, originally scheduled for December 16. These last two instances will be played in neutral scenarios.


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