Laura Pausini renews herself with Almas paralleles, her latest album – El Sol de México

Laura Pausini launched her album Almas paralleles worldwide, available from October 27. It is the eleventh in Spanish of the one who declares herself “the most Mexican Italian”, and with whom she begins her World Tour 2023-2024, and of which she will give two concerts in Mexico, on March 16 at the CDMX Arena and on the 18th in Monterrey.

After five years without a studio album, with this production the singer celebrates 30 years of career and distinguishes herself, she said in a virtual press conference, in that for the first time “there are not 16 autobiographical songs, but real stories of 16 people from my around”.

He added that in the selection of songs, “one written and dedicated to my daughter Paola, Hogar natural, is included, where she makes her debut as a singer and I do choirs. She is like the walls of my protection, which I love and love so much. Each melody has styles and sounds in pop, rock, jazz, rap, and urban, to give it that diversity.”

Pausini, who will be recognized at the next Latin Grammy gala as Person of the Year, begins her tour on December 8 in Rimini, Italy, and took advantage of the occasion to express her solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Otis. “I am very sorry for what Mexico is going through, with the Acapulco disaster, I am truly sorry.”

She reiterated her solidarity with the people of Guerrero, since she has lived in Acapulco and has memories “of very pleasant moments.” Likewise, she offered her help to the victims: “Call me and tell me how I can help, please. I stand in solidarity with Mexico,” adds Pausini.


Regarding Parallel Souls, the singer explained that “it is a musical production that I made in order to disseminate the individual rights of people, that some walk together, but who have different souls, dreams and desires and who must be respected as if they were respected.” “I knew him long ago, and he is no longer a stranger.”

She champions the message as an artist, because she is half Italian and half Mexican that “we have the responsibility of leaving our mark through our songs, which I also record in Spanish because 30 years ago I came to New York to record an album in Spanish, “I consider myself Latina.”

He added that this album is dedicated “to the individuality of people and their right to be souls with spirit and not because of their physical appearance.

“Parallel Souls is an album to love yourself, to respect yourself and to see light and peace. We must now leave behind those minds that invade us due to their bullying on social networks, violence against women, domestic violence.”

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Excited to return to the stage, she confessed that in the months of the pandemic, she was afraid of not knowing if she would perform on a live stage again. “I froze,” she admitted. However, there were those who brought her back to reality, because she stated “feeling unprotected, I asked for help.” Her family environment helped her get out of that state and regain hope.

“We are living in a time of speed, of waste, of technology where new generations do not have solid foundations or values. I am worried about the new generations and their dizzying lives, now we have concentrated on following patterns and the most dangerous thing is the fear of being excluded, that is why I follow and pursue the origin of the human being, love.”

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