Latvian Sitting Volleyball Team Finishes Sixth in European Championships

Latvian Sitting Volleyball Team Finishes Sixth in European Championships

Europe’s 12 strongest teams fought for the championship title and a ticket to the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. At the initial stage, the teams were divided into two groups of six teams in each group, where the teams played against each other. The four strongest teams from each group entered the quarterfinals, while the teams that took 5th and 6th place in the group fought for 9th-12th place. place.

After experiencing two losses and winning three games – Serbia with 3-2, Turkey with 3-0 and Hungary with 3-2, the Latvian national team took 3rd place in group B and entered the quarterfinals. Latvia lost to Poland to enter the semi-finals and continued to fight for 5th-8th place. place. In the small semi-final, our team defeated the hosts of the tournament – the Italian national team – 3:0. In a tough and tough fight for the 5th place, the strong Croatian team had to give way and ranked in the very high 6th place.

After the excellently played championship, the boys of our national team admitted: “We are very satisfied with the tournament and the achieved result. The sixth place in the European Championship is the highest achievement for the Latvian men’s sitting volleyball team. We went to every game as if it were the last, we fought for every point. The games during the tournament showed that we can play with any of the teams and we have formed a very good squad. The playing coach Vyacheslav Grimailov made a very big contribution to the achieved result.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina became the champions, Germany earned silver, and the bronze medals went to Ukrainians. Our southern neighbors, the Lithuanians, ranked 11th.

Latvian sitting volleyball national team: Uldis Ektermanis, Andrejs Filipavichus, Dmitrijs Pavlovs, Aleksejs Berķis, Aleksandrs Vivchariks, Boriss Jeparovs, playing coach Vyacheslavs Grimailovs, Sergejs Popovs, Maksis Kārlis Grandbergs.

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