Indonesian Men’s Doubles Improves Ahead of Denmark Open 2023 – Minor results were achieved by Indonesian men’s doubles throughout the 2023 tournament. This opportunity was used to improve at the 2023 Denmark Open.

PBSI Pelatnas men’s doubles coach, Aryono Miranat, said that his team had undergone the final training session and ensured that all of his team were ready to fight at the BWF Super 750 level event.

“All the children are healthy and in good condition. They are ready to compete. The competition field is comfortable to use, there is no wind. The situation is more or less the same as last year,” said Aryono.

Previously, the men’s doubles team and four other sectors had tried out the main court at Jyske Arena starting this Tuesday (17/10/2023).

Within 90 minutes, 16 Red-White representatives took turns trying fields one to three. The players felt no significant obstacles, adaptation went smoothly so they were ready to play optimally.

Five men’s doubles players took turns trying to practice on the field, namely Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto, Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan, Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Marthin, Bagas Maulana/Muhammad Shohibul Fikri, and Pramudya Kusumawardana/Yeremia Erich Yoche Yacob Rambitan.

2023-10-17 06:17:00
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