Ilkay Gündogan Discusses his Role and Expectations at FC Barcelona in Exclusive Interview


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Ilkay Gündogan speaks at length for ‘Esport 3’ in an interview a few hours after playing his first official classic

The German-Turkish will be one of Xavi’s important pieces to achieve a victory that would mean assaulting the leadership

He just turned 33 years old. After winning everything at Manchester City, Ilkay Gündogan brings experience and mettle to a Barça that is still developing. After passing through the hands of Guardiola, he now enjoys Xavi and fulfills a childhood dream. Wearing the Barça shirt is something very big for the German international, who speaks for ‘Esport 3’ in the run-up to the classic.

“The young players are doing extremely well. On Saturday they will have another chance, but it is important that they know how to stay calm and be patient,” says Ilkay.

He adds, regarding the less experienced, that “It will be a game with a lot of emotion, because it is a great game, perhaps the biggest game of their lives so far. We will all have to be more calm and patient than lately. Matches cannot become a back-and-forth like Shakhtar’s, because the coin can fall either way if that is the case. We must have more control. In the last few games we have made very simple mistakes that have cost us goals that we could have avoided. With my experience, it is also my job to make them know how to stay calm.”


More specifically, focusing on Fermín López, Gündogan considers that “he is doing very well. He is capable of finding good solutions in all types of situations. We are talking about a very good player who can be very decisive. He shoots well with his right, he shoots well with his left, he is good at making deep passes… But he must be able to find the necessary calm at times. If he achieves this balance, his level of play will be even higher, this will make him make even better decisions.”

“I didn’t come here to shine alone and be a superstar. I came here to help the team be successful and help my teammates be better,” he says. She breaks a spear in favor of Vinicius: “Someone may interpret Vinícius’ actions as a provocation, but for me, honestly, they are not.. Evidently, he already knows that if he does these things they will whistle at him. But maybe he likes to be whistled at, I don’t know…”

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