«If I told you how it really went with Inter, you would be shocked. Rome? Thanks to Nainggolan”

Romelu Lukaku speaks again. The Roma striker spoke at a press conference directly from the Belgian retreat, returning to his eventful summer, between the “betrayal” at Inter and the flirtation with Juventus: «Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to go around it, I’ll talk in time, but if I actually told you how last summer went everyone would be shocked. There were times when I really thought I might explode, five years ago I probably wouldn’t have stood back and done it. Now I focused on what I do best: playing football. I worked hard all summer and often when I say things they are taken out of context, so I don’t want to do that.”


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“Most of the people here know me,” he said at the press conference. “You know I don’t like to beat around the bush.

I will speak in due time, but if I actually said how things went last summer, everyone would be shocked. There were times when I could really explode, five years ago I probably would have. Instead I focused on what I can do best: play football. And I worked hard all summer.”

«Many untrue things have been said about me. You know that 90% of what the media says is not true,” he continued, “and it’s hard to stay calm and keep quiet. I took inspiration from LeBron James… even if I’m not LeBron. I’m referring to his mentality, to how he manages to say “here I am, here I am” every time. So during the summer I saw a little of what they wrote, but I trained and said to myself: “When I have the opportunity to demonstrate who I am on the field, I will do it”»

Lukaku then returned to the errors in the Champions League final which Inter lost against Manchester City: «The first few days I was a bit nervous. But then, when I tell you how the approach to the final was, you will understand why I wasn’t there with my mind.” Roma took care of giving him back motivation and confidence: «I immediately felt good at Roma right from the negotiation and I must also thank Radja Nainggolan for encouraging contact with the club. He also informed me about the team and the fans. Of course I also had many conversations with José Mourinho before signing.”

Before choosing the Giallorossi, Romelu also rejected a rich offer from Arabia: «I was honored by this interest from Al Hilal, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. They are the biggest club in the Middle East and the league there will become one of the biggest in the world, but I didn’t want to leave Europe yet.”

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