He did not return from the Champions League with the club. The Ukrainian fled to Russia, according to his father, he will be better

The young midfielder did not return to his homeland with his teammates after the October 4 Champions League match in Antwerp. According to Ukrainian media, he traveled via Istanbul to Russia, which has been waging war in Ukraine since last February. Rosputko himself comes from the occupied city of Gorlivka in the eastern part of the Donetsk region.

Olaksandr’s father, Yuriy, told Ukrainian media: “I can’t say the reason why he ran away.” Confirming the escape from Ukraine, he added that his son “will be safer in Russia.”

Martial law has been in effect in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian military invasion, and in August it was extended for another three months until mid-November. Among other things, adult men of military age are prohibited from leaving the country unless they have an express reason to do so.

However, Yuriy’s father denied that his son would apply for political asylum, as is rumored in Ukraine. On the other hand, he is said to apply for Russian citizenship. “He was very tired of everything. He is resting now, we will see later,” said Yuri Rosputko.

Shakhtar is currently in third place in the domestic competition, in the Champions League they scored three points in the first two rounds for a win in Antwerp. On Wednesday, they will present themselves on the ground of the favored Barcelona. Shakhtar plays home matches of the millionaire competition in Hamburg, Germany precisely because of the war in Ukraine.

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