Haut-Marne Archers Compete in French Beursault Championship in Seine-Saint-Denis

Four members of the 1st Compagnie d’Arc d’Eclaron, namely Florence Masson, Claudine Ménissier, Jean-Luc Chevillion and Jacky Soudant, will be the only Haut-Marne representatives during the French Beursault championship which will be held on Sunday October 1 in Montfermeil (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The French Beursault championship, Sunday October 1, in Seine-Saint-Denis will bring together 430 participants, including four archers from the 1st Arc Company of Eclaron. The Haut-Marnais will begin their shooting at 1 p.m.

The target distance is 50 meters. Fourth last year, Jean-Luc Chevillion is best equipped to compete for a podium. “Trying to do 40 honors would already be good. The objective is to try to make a podium, even if my training conditions were not the same as last year,” says Jean-Luc Chevillion, entered in seniors “2”.

His three comrades will evolve into seniors “3”. Experienced in national games, Claudine Ménissier could create a surprise. Jacky Soudant and Florence Masson will aim for the best possible result.

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Adrian Jeanson

2023-09-29 07:00:00
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