Garanta Versicherungs-AG Introduces New ‘Sports Packages’ to Expand Accident Insurance Coverage for High-Risk Recreational Sports

October 3, 2023 – With three new “sports packages”, coverage for high-risk recreational sports can be added to Garanta’s accident insurance tariffs.

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The accident insurance from Garanta Versicherungs-AG can be expanded in the future to include “sports packages”. These can be used to cover additional risks of certain sports.

“Our sales partners have asked us to develop additional offers for leisure accidents for which there is otherwise no or only limited insurance coverage due to the exclusions in accident insurance,” explains Erwin Mollnhuber, member of the management.

The demand is particularly in the areas of martial arts, mountain biking and climbing, but the sports packages also cover other sports.

Three packages

There are three packages to choose from, which, according to the insurer, have the following features:

Sports package 1, which is available for a premium surcharge of 25 percent, covers judo, karate, climbing and mountaineering. For a surcharge of 50 percent, Sports Package 2 also covers risks from sports such as trail running, kite surfing or rafting. Sports package 3 covers all the risks of packages 1 and 2 and adds sports such as ballooning, skydiving or hang gliding for a premium surcharge of 75 percent.

According to Garanta, leisure accidents for the sports from the three sports packages are covered free of charge for co-insured children up to the age of twelve.

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