Frustration Boils Over: Kasper Schmeichel’s Outburst During European Championship Qualifier

The fuses really blew out…

Bad freak out by Denmark’s national goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel (36) during the European Championship qualifier against San Marino on Tuesday. Because the big favorite Denmark has had a hard time against the football dwarf for a long time, the goalkeeper blames frustration.

When the ball boy doesn’t throw the ball to him quickly enough in one scene, Peter Schmeichel’s son (59) freaks out. “Give me the ball, you damn bastard,” Schmeichel shouts at a small, helpless ball boy. This is reported by the Danish newspaper “Se og Hør”.

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At first, the keeper is probably not aware of any major guilt. According to the Danish online portal “” he said after the game: “During the game you say a lot of things. That’s part of it.”

But hours later, the day after the game, the goalkeeper is already sorry for his freak out. Schmeichel posted his apology in a story on Instagram on Wednesday.

The keeper writes there: “In a heated moment I crossed the line and used the wrong choice of words towards a ball boy during the game yesterday.”

Schmeichel’s request for an apology on Instagram

Photo: kasperschmeichel

The Dane continues to write that he wants to be a role model for the children. This is a matter close to his heart and he will do everything to live up to this claim.

“I failed here, and for that I regret it and apologize,” Schmeichel asserted in his post.

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Source: BILD October 20, 2023

What certainly improved the goalkeeper’s mood was the result of the game. In the end, the Danes narrowly won 2-1 thanks to a goal from Leipzig striker Yussuf Poulsen and thus took a big step towards the 2024 European Championships in Germany.

After eight out of ten match days, Denmark is in second place in Group H, with the same points behind Slovenia. Kazakhstan follows in third place, four points behind. So everything is still possible for the team of coach Kasper Hjulmand (51) and goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel…

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