from behind the scenes of Los Jiménez to all their adventures together

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26/10/2023 00:55h.

Dani JiménezMarisol VargasGraciela JiménezSusi JiménezLa RebeCelebrities

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The best moments behind the scenes of Los Jiménez in ‘Two Gipsy Weddings’

Graciela Susi and La Rebe catch Marisol’s lie: “I promise I won’t do it again”

The Jiménez sisters live an adventure in Tenerife and La Rebe ends up experiencing a moment of panic

The special farewell of Los Jiménez with drama included: “Long live the family and may the pineapple never break”

The Rebbe confesses to her mother the moment she is going through: “I feel something in my chest that…”

The family discovers La Rebe’s house for the first time and Marisol tests the cleaning: “It had everything…”

Graciela, Susi and La Rebe watch the video clip they recorded

La Rebe, Graciela and Susi record their first song

The Jiménezes arrive in Tenerife and give La Rebe and her family a big surprise: “Is this a dream?”

Susi and Iván’s wedding celebration

The exciting wedding of Iván and Susi: from the couple’s confession of love to Dani’s beautiful speech

La Rebe, Susi and Graciela sing their song together for the first time at the wedding

Susi’s spectacular and emotional arrival at her wedding accompanied by her father: “It was a magical moment”

The Jiménez family reunites after the honeymoon and many secrets come to light: “I have been frozen”

The Rebbe and Joseph’s most romantic dinner in Athens ends with retching and lots of laughter: “Everything goes wrong”

Graciela’s tears when she meets the new member of the Jiménez family: “It can’t be real”

The surreal Los Jiménez dinner in Athens

The problems of Los Jiménez upon arriving in Santorini

The great moment on Marisol and Dani’s yacht

Marisol and Dani’s honeymoon

Iván leaves his job as a waiter

Iván messes up on his first day as a waiter

Susi announces that she is getting married

Iván’s surprising proposal to Susi: there is a new wedding in the Jiménez family!

The new home of Los Jiménez

The sad farewell of Los Jiménez to the Plasencia house after selling it: “I am very sad, it has been many years”

From the launch of Marisol’s bouquet to the surprise to her parents of La Rebe, Susi and Graciela

Dani’s tremendous emotion upon receiving a very special person for her wedding

Daniel and Marisol say ‘yes, I want’ again! the exciting and fun wedding with your family

Dani’s exciting proposal to Marisol: “I want you to marry me again”

Marisol arrives at her town and reunites with her mother: she remembers the beginnings of her relationship with Dani

Dani and Graciela skydive after Marisol refuses at their surreal bachelorette party!

Susi and Graciela’s plan with the possible buyers of the Plasencia house

Dani puts the house in Plasencia up for sale and has an emotional moment with his grandson José: “I feel sorry, I was born here”

Marisol returns with her daughters to the place where she married Dani and is honest with them: “On the day of the wedding I hardly saw your father”

Marisol and Dani Jiménez explain why they like to share their lives on television

Marisol communicates bombshell news and leaves Los Jiménez stunned

The Rebe participates in the video clip of a famous artist and her sisters end up joining

The Jiménezes are together again: Susi and La Rebe arrive as a surprise with their families in Seville

Bad news! Daniel and Marisol are left without a home: “You have to leave it in a month”

Iván and Susi’s surreal car trip

2023-10-25 22:55:43
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