Former Olympique de Marseille Player Brandão Ready to Take on Coaching Role at the Club

Foot Mercato: we saw your post on X (last September 19). Did you really mean that you were ready to coach Olympique de Marseille?

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Brandon: yes, I feel very prepared for this new challenge. I have coaching courses from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), PRO License. I am qualified to work in Brazil and abroad as a coach.

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FM: in your post, you show your coaching diplomas. How did this desire to become a coach come about?

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B : When I was a player, I always saw myself as a coach. I have always loved the technical part and I have always motivated my teammates. I was trained by great coaches, like Didier Deschamps, Eric Gerets, Christophe Galtier, Mircea Lucescu, as well as other coaches. I have always observed the techniques of my coaches. I thank these special people, who crossed my path, for much of the knowledge acquired during my career.

Farmer, supermarket owner and soon-to-be coach

FM: You own a farm, you opened a supermarket. How do you manage all these activities and your desire to train?

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B : I already had these businesses from my football days. My projects are very well managed by a very competent team who have been supporting me for years. I have always managed my colleagues with the same mindset I have when I am on the football field, which leads to the success of my companies. I still have confidence and determination.

FM: What coaching experiences have you had so far?

B : I was coach of the Londrina Esporte Clube U-17 team in Brazil and led the team to the title final. The team had never appeared in a championship final. It was an indescribable experience. I want to bring everything I learned as a player and coach to Olympique de Marseille. I was the interim coach of the professional team Londrina Esporte Clube in Brazil. I also had a lot of experience with other Brazilian coaches.

FM: What style of coach are you?

B : my style encourages the player, even in difficult times. I like having the players by my side. I work on the balance and resilience of my team. I try to encourage them through the activation technique. Not just with motivation. I’m a type of coach who likes the attacking style of play. It is important to have possession of the ball, to put pressure on the opponent at all times on the football field. I would like to continue to follow OM’s motto: “Right to Goal”.

FM: What are your goals for your coaching career?

B : my mission is to give back to OM what it didn’t have 10 years ago. Also give back to the supporters the pride of the team, the joy, the emotion of winning a title. When I was a player at Olympique de Marseille, I didn’t just care about scoring goals, but about scoring the decisive goals in every football match. My goal as a coach will be to win titles for Olympique de Marseille, as I did when I was a player.

FM: you talk a lot about OM. So you feel ready to come and coach in Europe…

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B : Of course. I’ve been preparing for years. I spent 15 years in Europe as a footballer, 7 years in France. I master the language, I love France, the team’s supporters. I have always been very well received by everyone. In addition, I will be with my family, which is my strength, my base. So, I’m more than ready!

Brandão already sees himself at the head of OM

FM: are you sad to see OM going through such a crisis when the sporting situation was not so alarming?

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B : It’s always sad to see a club as big as Olympique de Marseille go through a crisis. My goal is to give hope to the club. You will still have reasons to smile and be proud of Olympique de Marseille, like in the past, when I scored goals and pushed the team to victory. I never gave up on victories as a player. And I will have the same determination if I one day become the coach of Olympique de Marseille.

FM: you who knew OM (2009-2012), what does it take to succeed in Marseille in this context?

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B : I intend to bring the players, the technical staff and the supporters to my side. Everyone thinks together for the good of the team. I want to add and restore confidence to the players. I want the club and the fans to move in one direction, united to achieve our goal, which is victory. I will bring confidence and complicity to my players. I want to pass on this champion mentality to my team.

FM: if in the future OM is looking for a new coach, what would you say to the Marseille management so that they choose you?

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B : I, Brandão, champion with Olympique de Marseille, was responsible for decisive goals to win several titles for my team. Trust me again. I will bring joy and confidence back to the team. It will be hard work, but I know I have the potential. Have you ever thought that maybe someone was missing to lead the team with the experience and mentality of a champion? I’m the person your team is missing! You can trust me, because I am sure that Olympique de Marseille will win more titles with me at the head of the team! All united by a single goal: victory!

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