Fiorentina Dominates Napoli and Secures Third Place: A Perfect Race at Maradona

Naples, 8 October 2023 – At “Maradona” it is the Fiorentina to put on a show by winning clearly against the Napoli and confirming the third place. The quality of the game of Italiano and the Viola individuals prevails over a confused Neapolitan team that is always late in all duels. In practice, Fiorentina does everything, given that the penalty that brings Napoli to a temporary 1-1 at the end of the first half is a gift from Parisi who tarnishes a perfect match with that error.

But it’s all Fiorentina playing there perfect race, orchestrated by an Arthur in great condition, with Brekalo and Ikoné on the wings, the usual Bonaventura everywhere, Parisi and Kayode always on point (net of some naiveties), Duncan tidy, Nzola a fighter, Quarta dangerous up front and Milenkovic rocky. Terracciano also puts his best foot forward with two challenging saves and a save on Osihmen.

That of “Maradona”, however, is above all the victory of Italian, of his fast and fun possession of the ball and a spot-on turn over. So much so that the Viola start with Nico Gonzalez on the bench, then in the final quarter of an hour the Argentine made it 3-1 on the counterattack.

Over the course of the match purples dominate, great dribbling, pressing, intensity, speed. In the 7th minute great action with a post from Quarta and Brekalo who scores again. Napoli tries to react but Fiorentina controls until Parisi’s unfortunate mistake (so far perfect): an improvident support on Terracciano who is forced to bring down Osihmen in the area: penalty and therefore a draw for Napoli.

An episode that doesn’t depress the Viola who return to the pitch with the same spirit as the first half and hit the post in the 5th minute with Ikoné. Fiorentina persisted forward, finding the goal with a highly inspired Bonaventura in the 17th minute of the second half with a moving penalty. The angry Neapolitan reaction leads to nothing, indeed in injury time it comes on the counterattack with Gonzalez’s goal served by Parisi (who had already made amends for the mistake on the penalty by anticipating Simeone in the area). The curtain falls, the Viola dream, Napoli wonders how to defend their scudetto.

NAPOLI (4-3-3): Meret; Di Lorenzo, Natan, Ostigard, Olivera; Anguissa (30′ pt Raspadori), Lobotka (31′ st Lindstrom), Zielinski (31′ st Gaetano); Politano (11′ st Cajuste), Osimhen (31′ st Simeone), Kvaratskhelia All.: Rudi Garcia.

FIORENTINA (4-2-3-1): Terracciano; Kayode (37′ st Ranieri), Milenkovic, Fourth, Parisi; Arthur (37′ st Infantino), Duncan (37′ st Mandragora); Ikoné (42′ st Comuzzo), Bonaventura, Brekalo (27′ st Gonzalez); Nzola. All.: Vincenzo Italiano.

Referee: La Penna di Roma

Rarely: 7′ pt Brekalo; 49′ pt Osihmen (rigore); 17′ st Bonaventura, 47′ st Gonzalez

Notes: ammonites Terracciano, Quarta, Bonaventura, Ranieri, Simeone

Relive the live broadcast


47′ st

Nicooooooooooooo!!! Viola counterattack, Infantino to Gonzalez who scores


42′ st

Ikoné exits, Comuzzo enters


37′ st

Inside Infantino, Mandragora and Ranieri


34′ st

Parisi was very good at anticipating Simeone in the area


32′ st

Kayode in area, tiro alto


27′  st

Esce Brekalo, enter Nico Gonzalez


17′ st

The Viola persist and pass again with Bonaventura freed in the area by a rebound and good at scoring: 1-2


13′ st

Bad mistake between Kayode and Milenkovic, Terracciano saves on Osihmen


13′ st

Terracciano saves on Osihmen


10′ st

Nice shot from Ikoné, the ball goes just wide


5′ st

Grandec purple counterattack, Nzola for Ikoné, post!!!


1′ pt

The second half is played


49′ pt

Parisi messes up, he misses the pass to Terracciano who is forced to foul Osihnen. Clear penalty, Osihmen himself converts it


27′ pt

Napoli forward, great shot by Lobotka, excellent save by Terracciano


21′ pt

Goal by Osihmen, disallowed for offside


10′ pt

What a start for the Viola! Immediately forward in Naples, well-deserved goal


7′ st

Viola attack, post by Martinez Quarta, Brekalo enters the goal diagonally


5′ st

Double opportunity: for the Viola Quarta with an overhead kick, shot blocked. Di Lorenzo one step away from scoring on the overhead kick


1′ pt

Napoli-Fiorentina has begun


The surprise

In the match against the Italian champions, Nico Gonzalez started from the bench


The purple formation

FIORENTINA (4-2-3-1): Terracciano; Kayode, Milenkovic, Martinez Quarta, Parisi; Arthur, Duncan; Ikoné, Bonaventura, Brekalo; Nzola. Coach: Italian


Napoli’s lineup

NAPOLI (4-3-3): Meret; Di Lorenzo, Natan, Ostigard, Olivera; Anguissa, Lobotka, Zielinski; Politano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia. Coach: Garcia.

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