Feyenoord Coach Arne Slot Faces Criticism Amidst Positive Reviews

Feyenoord coach Arne Slot receives only positive reviews from almost all quarters. Rarely, if ever, are critical comments made about the Rotterdam team’s coach, although ESPN reporter Hans Kraay Jr. asks everyone involved about this almost every week. Bee Veronica Offside they still thought it was a weak point of Slot.

Following critical questions from Valentijn Driessen to Slot during a press conference, the situation between the two gentlemen was discussed at the table. Driessen stated after the victory over Go Ahead Eagles that the opposition for Feyenoord was not too bad. Slot responded with a bit of a laugh and agreed with the journalist, but that seemed more so as not to have to take it seriously. He did not seem to take Driessen completely seriously.

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“That smile from Slot,” journalist Hugo Borst was annoyed by Slot in the football talk show on Monday evening. “I didn’t think it was a strange question, it says something. There is something slippery about the lock, something slippery.” Borst immediately wanted to add something positive to this. “Slot is a great trainer, who has built Feyenoord three times.”

Borst indicated that there is a grain of truth in Driessen’s observation. “Slot sometimes makes the other teams better, to improve Feyenoord’s performance,” Genee summarized. That statement was confirmed at the table by Borst, Michiel Kramer and Wim Kieft, who supported Valentijn Driessen. “It’s good that Valentine is going against it. I like it. At the World Cup in Qatar, everyone followed Van Gaal like a dog,” he said about Driessen’s tough attitude.


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