Fenerbahçe Women’s Basketball Team Continues Winning Streak with FIBA Super Cup Victory

Fenerbahçe Women’s Basketball Team made a successful start by winning the FIBA ​​Super Cup this season, after winning the EuroLeague championship last season. Ali Koç, the president of the yellow-dark blue club, and the board members received the cup to congratulate the team.

Ali Koç stated that the players work with a sense of belonging and enjoy themselves. Mustafa Kemal Danabaş said that the team showed a proud performance. General Manager Arzu Özyiğit stated that their goal is to win championships in every track. Head Coach Valerie Garnier stated that they are proud to be the team that brought the Super Cup to Turkey for the first time. Team captain Alperi Onar also shared their happiness and said that they wanted to achieve more success by fighting together. At the end of the visit, the team presented signed jerseys and a group photo was taken.

2023-10-02 19:41:46
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