Exciting NBA News: Victor Wembanyama’s Debut, Kawhi Leonard’s Recovery, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Contract Extension, and Charles Barkley’s Question for Adam Silver

Super talent Victor Wembanyama from the San Antonio Spurs has big goals for the upcoming NBA season – and Luka Doncic is amazed at his new opponent. Giannis Antetokounmpo declares his new contract with the Milwaukee Bucks, Kawhi Leonard describes himself as fully fit. And Charles Barkley has an awkward question for Commissioner Adam Silver. Current news and rumors.

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NBA News: Victor Wembanyama wants to play “every single game”.

Super talent Victor Wembanyama is making his NBA debut with anticipation and some tension. “I have a bit of butterflies in my stomach, like I do before every game, depending on what’s at stake. But it’s not like I’m shaking – just a bit of a stomach ache,” said the 19-year-old before his Premiere on Thursday night (3:30 a.m.) against the Dallas Mavericks.

The first appearance of the Frenchman, who was selected first in the draft, has been eagerly awaited for months. The big man is considered a talent of the century because, at 2.24 meters tall, he has outstanding athleticism and is still extremely dangerous when dribbling and from the three-point line. Since the arrival of LeBron James in 2003, no newcomer has thrilled the scene so much.

“A month ago I thought that some friendlies would prepare me for this moment, but it’s completely different,” said Wembanyama, who aims to win “as many titles as possible” with Spurs. However, he also said: “I know it’s not easy. Most players never make it to the finals or win championships throughout their careers.”

In his four test matches during pre-season, Wembanyama has already made a good impression and recorded an average of 19.3 points. However, the rookie doesn’t want to be satisfied with that. “I know no one has seen the best of me yet,” he said. “If it doesn’t pose a risk to my health – of course I can’t predict the future – I want to play every single game,” emphasized Wemby.

Superstar Luka Doncic, the youngster’s first opponent with the Mavericks, was deeply impressed by Wembanyama. “It’s pretty crazy what he does on the field. What is he? Two meters tall? It’s unbelievable what he can do for that length,” said Doncic, for whom the newcomer is an “amazing player.” As a builder, the Slovenian measures 2.01 meters and makes many a center look old in a duel.

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NBA News: Kawhi Leonard ‘fully recovered’ from injury

Kawhi Leonard of the LA Clippers says he feels better than he has in two years. The two-time champion has repeatedly had to struggle with serious injuries in recent years: he missed the entire 2021/22 season after tearing a cruciate ligament in his right knee, and last season he struggled with knee and ankle problems and was injured in the playoffs at the meniscus.

“I feel good and I’m ready,” he said on Tuesday on the sidelines of a training session. “Last year I came back from a torn cruciate ligament, this process actually takes two years.” He now has full confidence in his knee again. The 32-year-old had another meniscus operation in June, but was able to complete the full preparation.

Head coach Ty Lue is also happy about this: “With restrictions it’s just different. You can’t train fully and implement the entire plan, that’s a huge difference.” Now the team wants to “get the season off to a good start. We don’t want to approach things slowly.” The Clippers first face the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday night.

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NBA News: Giannis Antenokounmpo announces contract extension with the Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo has extended his contract with the Milwaukee Bucks by three years and is now tied to the team until at least 2027 – but he will also be rewarded handsomely for it.

“I knew deep down that I wanted to stay,” the Greek explained on Tuesday. With his new contract he wanted to avoid irritation around the team: “I don’t want people to say after a defeat: ‘Oh, Giannis is upset, he doesn’t like it all, he’s going to leave, blah blah blah.’ No. Now it’s all going to be about basketball.”

At first he didn’t want to extend it until the summer of 2024, but after consulting with his brother Thanasis, who is also under contract with the Bucks, he decided on this option. The 28-year-old could sign a short-term deal in 2026 and extend it again for four years in 2028, thereby maximizing his earnings.

“I think it was the smartest decision for my family and for my sporting prospects,” emphasized the 2021 champion. “Now that’s all off the table. I don’t have to think about it anymore and can just play basketball.”

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NBA News: Charles Barkley Confronts Adam Silver About NBA Star Domestic Violence

NBA legend Charles Barkley confronted Commissioner Adam Silver in his role as a TV expert about the recent cases of domestic violence in the NBA. Before the Denver Nuggets’ first game of the season against the Los Angeles Lakers, he asked Silver on TNT: “What are we going to do about this as a league?” There are currently proceedings against Kevin Porter Jr., and Miles Bridges from the Charlotte Hornets will serve a ten-game suspension at the start of the season – he is also said to have recently violated conditions.

“We have worked with the players’ union to put in place a new program to deal with allegations of domestic violence before charges even arise,” Silver said. “There is training and counseling for the players so that they understand that they can never resort to violence, even in extremely stressful situations. We deal with this and have top-notch advisors. But when a player crosses a line, there are huge consequences .

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