Elisa Aguilar Becomes First Female President of Spanish Basketball Federation

Elisa Aguilar Becomes First Female President of Spanish Basketball Federation

In the Centennial year, the Spanish Basketball Federation just chose Elisa Aguilar (Madrid, 1976) as the new president until the Olympic cycle concludes (2024) and as a substitute for Jorge Garbajosa, who left the FEB in August to assume the position of president of FIBA ​​Europe. The Extraordinary assemblycalled to elect the new Presidency as the only item on the agenda, endorsed the former international player (222 games with the red shirt) and director since 2013. Until today she served as Competitions Director. She was the only candidate with sufficient endorsements (she presented 70%) on September 18. Her support was almost unanimous. (77 in favor and two blank votes). President by acclamation.

They are appointment is of great significancea flower that grows in cement: she is the first woman to head a Federation (of Olympic sports) so powerful such as basketball, the second most licensed discipline in Spain after soccer and the first in women’s licenses. Asunción Loriente (Remo) e Isabel Garcia (Rescue and First Aid) are the only two female Federation presidents in Spanish sport, two out of 65, a meager 3%. Now it comes Elisa Aguilar to inaugurate a new era.

1,684 positions, 25.4% women

In Spain there are 1,684 positions on delegated committees and boards of directors of the federations. Only the 25,4% They are occupied by women, according to CSD data. The appointment of Elisa, who was sung by the unconditional support of the territorial Federations and by her own natural selection in the FEB, was the ideal person, comes to change the federative panorama and encourage other female managers to take the leap.

Thank you for getting where you have arrived, thank you Elisa for taking the step you have taken.”

Alejandro Blanco, president of the COE

The appointment of Aguilar It took place in the Madrid room of the Eurobuilding hotel in the capital. The president of the COE attended, Alejandro Blancothe senior staff of the FEB and also Jorge Garbajosaalready president of FIBA ​​Europe. Anthony Martinpresident of the ACB, Alfonso Reyespresident of the ABP, and Juan Fernández, of the CSD Presidency Cabinet. Blanco He was most effusive and affectionate. “Thank you for coming this far, thank you for taking the step you have taken.” There were no surprises.

Elisa won by a landslide: 77 votes in favor and two blank, of the 79 assembly members who attended the Extraordinary Assembly. The quorum for it to be valid was 58. After the recount, the former player and director of the FEB received a closed applause with the assembly members stood up and was proclaimed president of the FEB.

“The FEB has a place in history by electing a woman as president”

Elisa Aguilar, president of the FEB

“I feel proud. The FEB has a place in history naming a woman. The culture of equality is the watchword of the Federation. Our t-shirt has reached the top thanks to men and women. The presidency that I am going to hold is that of the people, that of all basketball in different areas, from school children to those who represent us in high competitions,” Elisa said in her presidential speech.

The new president remembered Amaya Valdemoro and Pau Gasol, and became emotional when talking about his family, his parents and his three brothers, and his partner. “You are the most important pillars of my life.” She bet big: “I want 500,000 licenses in 2030”, supported Scariolo and Miguel Méndez as selectors and confirmed Valencia’s candidacy to organize the men’s Pre-Olympic. Ambition and preparation plenty. He proclaimed unity, announced new initiatives and remembered his predecessor, Jorge Garbajosa, to whom he granted the gold badge in her first decision as president. “Thank you therefore, for your management, for the affection, for the trust and support. I know we count on you in the distance. The Federation will always be your home.”

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