Dr. Mokhtar Argan: A Symbol of Faithful and Loyal Sports Medicine

As usual, the sports page of your daily newspaper “L’Opinion” constantly follows people from various backgrounds, who have left their mark on the history of sport in Marrakech.

Today, with this writing, we honor and appreciate the man who served with great professional spirit and altruism the athletes of all categories of the KACM club in particular and Marrakechi in general.

This pyramid of sports medicine is none other than Doctor Mokhtar Argan, the man who devoted his efforts for nearly 4 decades within the staff and medical staff of KACM with loyalty and sacrifice.
His powerful work witnessed the golden days and the period of coronations of the Red and White during the era of Haj Mohamed Mediouri…

Dr. Mokhtar Argan lived with the team’s memories at national and international levels and recorded his name with golden letters as the doctor who oversaw the preparation of the players who lifted the cups and won the continental titles and the national championships.

In many matches, Dr. Mokhtar Argan transformed himself from a doctor to a fan and motivated the players.

The love of the club inspired the doctor to be a key member for years, for nothing other than to financially support the team.

Dr. Mokhtar Argan was not only a doctor for the KACM players, but his office was opened for the supervision and treatment of all Marrakech players belonging to the different Marrakech clubs (MCM, NRM, OM, CISM as well as handball, basketball, karate and judo teams, etc.).

Dr. Mokhtar Argan, by the way, is very shy and refuses to appear before the media or talk about his work and I had the honor of speaking to him and he told me that all his work is for the love of God and God is the only one who will reward you.

Dr. Mokhtar Argan and all those who accompanied him in his work within the KACM medical staff have the same qualities and the same determination. The determination of men, the determination to work with dedication and sincerity.

Dr. Argan deserves all the praise and appreciation from us.

Dr Mokhtari Argan and a symbol of faithful and loyal sports medicine.

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