Chaos Erupts at Lamongan Volleyball Tournament as Spectators Topple Stands and Damage Field

Lamongan – A volleyball tournament match in Wedoro Village, Glagah District, Lamongan ended in chaos. Enraged spectators toppled the stands and damaged the field.

The audience’s action was caught on camera and went viral on social media. Meanwhile, the trigger for the chaos was simply because the spectators were impatient, one of the teams that were going to compete had not yet entered the field.

Acting Head of Wedoro Village, M Shokip, said that as a result of this barbaric act, the committee suffered losses of up to tens of millions. Because a number of facilities at the location were damaged and burned.

“If the material losses are quite large, bro, just to repair the scoreboard and stands, the repair value is almost IDR 12 million, not to mention other losses,” said Shokip, Monday (30/10/2023).

Shokip admitted that he was disappointed with the barbaric actions of the audience. He then apologized to the Lamongan Regency Government and the public for the viral incident.

“We also regret this incident, the committee also regrets it. The committee and security forces have tried their best, but what else. We apologize to the Lamongan Regency Government and also to the community,” he added.

Likewise, the Head of Lamongan Youth and Sports Department, Erwin Sulistya Pambudi, also regretted the incident at the village volleyball tournament. He promised to evaluate the implementation so that it does not happen again.

“In the future, we will evaluate together with related parties so that similar incidents do not happen again,” stressed Erwin.

Previously, a video showing chaos at a volleyball tournament circulated on social media. It was stated that the location of the riot was in Wedoro Village, Glagah, Lamongan.

In the video circulating, a crowd of spectators can be seen entering the field. They also tore down the stands and volleyball nets.

Acting Head of Wedoro Village, M Shokip, confirmed the rioting incident. According to Shokip, chaos occurred at the volleyball match on Sunday (29/10) evening.

Meanwhile, chaos occurred at the Wedoro Cup volleyball tournament. At that time the two teams competing were Reank Pangkah Wetan vs VBC Lowayu Dukun.

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