Carolina Marín Advances to Quarter-Finals of Badminton Denmark Open

Carolina Marín from Huelva, sixth female player in the world, accessed this Thursday the Badminton Denmark Open quarter-finalsafter a tight victory over Taiwanese Shuo Yun Sung35th in the ranking, by 22-20 and 22-20.

The next rival of the six-time European champion, three-time world champion and one-time Olympic champion will be another player from Taiwan, Tzu Ying Taifourth seed.

To the player from Huelva It was difficult for him to close the first game. After gaining a 20-12 lead, he wasted eight points to take the set, although Sung, after tying the score, could not complete the comeback and lost the game.

In the second it was the Asian who was ahead, with margins of up to five points, but, after successive ties, Marín scored two points in a row to take victory.

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2023-10-19 21:56:06
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