Bidasoa’s streak seems to have no end

Bidasoa Irun will not win next weekend, for the simple reason that there is no league. The Irundarra team reaches the national team break with 15 points out of a possible 16, the last two achieved this Friday on the court of a Helvetia Anaitasuna that had only three points less and had won everything at home, including Granollers and Ademar. They couldn’t beat Bidasoa, who played an irregular match but in which the good moments outweighed the bad.

Despite suffering two exclusions in the first five minutes, the game started well for Cuétara’s team, with a 1-5 in which the goals had five different signatures. Mehdi Harbaoui was stopping as he has done in the last few games (five in the first quarter of an hour) and Bidasoa Irun was marching steadily.

However, the Navarrese team was not going to make it that easy and rolled up its sleeves in defense. So much so that the yellows went ten minutes without scoring and went from 2-6 to 6-6. The game was balanced and in the final stretch of the first half a 3-0 lead gave the hosts their first lead and two at halftime, 12-10. The Bidasotarras had scored six goals in the first nine minutes but only four in the next 21.

Another overwhelming start

Despite starting defending, or perhaps thanks to that, Bidasoa Irun had another overwhelming start to the second half. Skrzyniarz stopped the first two balls that came his way, in total Anaitasuna failed his first three attacks and the Gipuzkoan team in six minutes established a 1-5 partial (two from Pacheco, two from Esteban and one from Rodrigo), which after the timeout local ended up being 1-6 (Cavero).


Bar (8 stops), Bazan (6), Fernandez (5), Ganuza (2), Gonzalez, Elustondo (2), Bonanno (1) – starting seven – Martinez (3 stops), Martinovic, Garcia, Goni (2). ), Round (2), Ortiz, Albizu, Brown and Itoiz.



Bidasoa Irun

Harbaoui (7 stops, 2 pen.), Cavero (2), Esteban Salinas (5), Rodrigo Salinas (6), García, Pacheco (4), Asier Nieto (4) -starting seven-, Skrzyniarz (10 stops), Jevtic, Zabala, Gey-Emparan, Furundarena, Mujika (1), Da Silva, Gorka Nieto (2, 2 pen.) and Díaz.

Score every five minutes: 1-4, 2-6, 4-6, 6-7, 8-9, 12-10 (break); 13-13, 13-16, 15-18, 16-21, 18-23 and 20-24.

Referees: Luis Ignacio Colmenero and Víctor Rollán, who excluded the locals Elustondo (twice), Bazán, González and the visitors Furundarena (twice), Da Silva (twice), Rodrigo Salinas and Díaz.

Incidents: Almost two hundred Bidasotar fans in the Anaitasuna pavilion.

The tables had turned and Bidasoa Irun had once again taken control not only of the scoreboard, but of the situation. The team returned solid in all facets and also relied on a sensational Jakub Skrzyniarz to extend the set to 3-11 in 19 minutes. The Polish goalkeeper finished with ten saves in half an hour and a 55% success rate, enormous figures. What can we say about the 64% that he had in the 53rd minute?

The host tried attacking with seven, changing the goalkeeper and bringing in some troops who had not played until then, but nothing worked and the Irundarra team went straight for its seventh consecutive victory. The eighth will have to wait until Thursday, November 9, when the league will resume and host Granollers.

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