Bernard Tapie to Receive Statue at Marseille’s Vélodrome Grounds

Iconic character of OM and historic president of the Marseille club, Bernard Tapie should soon have a statue in his honor on the Vélodrome grounds, which will soon bear his name. A project launched by his son Laurent Tapie, and which should cost between €200,000 and €300,000. However, OM would not have been involved in this project, as Tapie’s son explained to BFM Marseille.

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“As for fundraising, we are at 90-95% of the required amounts. (…) We have one last effort to make so that we are 100% sure that this statue will reach the end. We kept a strong bond (with the supporters, Editor’s note). (…) It is they who harangue the troops, who each time set the table so that we can raise these funds”he explains, adding that supporters financed a third of the prize pool “the rest was financed by wealthy private people who loved my father and companies”. Before throwing a nice dig at OM. “Those who are completely absent are Olympique de Marseille. As I speak to you, Olympique de Marseille has not given a single euro to make this statue come true. I find that incredible. No matter how hard I try to relaunch them, I’m speaking emptyly. So, now it’s starting to annoy me a little.”, launched Laurent Tapie. That is clear…

Pub. on 03/10/2023 23:22 Updated on 03/10/2023 23:55

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