Básquet Girona is looking for a balmy triumph against UCAM Murcia

Salva Camps, in a press conference
Basketball Girona

There are no nerves and the situation is not at all dramatic. Now, to be able to enjoy a quieter Festa Major, a victory against Murcia would be great. Especially to break the streak of three consecutive defeats against Madrid, Tenerife and Obradoiro which have generated a small feeling of doubt about where he is going Basketball Girona. The lesions of Juani Marcos and Quino Columbus they have accentuated it and now we will have to see how the team responds. Quality and capabilities are there and it has been shown with the dazzling start that led to a chain of three victories against Valencia, Gran Canaria and Granada; however, the irregularity shown in the last two days – Madrid play in another League – is not a good traveling companion. Pretty sure that Salva Camps he looked to rectify that by getting his men running and maintaining the lively and dynamic play that was seen at the start of the League throughout the game. The arrival of Corey Davis can help The new base, incorporated this week, must be used to be more cheerful in attack and increase the percentages from the outside line. On the other hand, he will not be able to have Marcos, Sorolla or Colom, who sprained his ankle on Saturday.

L’UCAM evokes happiness in the short and intense history of Basketball Girona. The team from Murcia was the first victim of Girona in Fontajau last season in the team’s return to the ACB. A first impact win at home (102-79), now a year ago. Repeating it would be a balm for a team that needs it. After reviewing the match in Santiago, Camps explains that “despite everything, it was quite complete”. Of course, he asks his men “to lose less balls and to throw more”. In addition, he says that the players are “on the line” to take the step forward that is being asked of them and that it was not there in Galicia. “We work well and I hope they find this point of luck or success that gives them more confidence.”

Casualties are no excuse to compete and stand up to one Murcia which comes with one of the most fit players, the pivot Birgander. Camps highlights “the physical potential” of Murcia. “We will have to do many things well. They are a very good team and play very good basketball. It is one of the physically top teams in the ACB. They have very athletic players and this affects the game a lot. In addition, they have outside talent and in the direction”, he said about the team he leads Alonso website.

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