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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador revealed this Friday that his Government is fighting to give amnesty to the former governor of Quintana Roo, Mario Villanueva, who since 2008 was sentenced to 36 years in prison for the crime of drug trafficking.

Expressing this Friday morning from Quintana that “an amnesty was promoted for Mario Villanueva,” the president justified that he is seeking to free him because the former governor “is sick and it seems that there is an interest in not releasing him because a judge denied the amnesty and generally the judges do not deny us, because it is a procedure that has to be applied, the executive requests the amnesty from the judge and in this case they denied the amnesty,” he pointed out.

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“We take this opportunity to tell Mario and his family that the process is already being challenged and we are going to continue until he is released because he is sick and has already been punished for 28 years,” he stressed.

Mario Villanueva Madrid was governor of Quintana Roo in 1993, but in 1999 he fled without completing his term, as he was accused of helping to move cocaine from Colombia to the United States, passing through Quintana Roo.

In 2008 he was sentenced to almost 40 years in prison and to date he has served 28 years for the crimes of money laundering, criminal association and crimes against health.

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Recently, a federal judge denied him the benefit of the amnesty proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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