Alonso and Aston Martin’s improvements: “It’s as if the others put the car on a trailer”

Fernando Alonso will have improvements to your car this weekend in Austin, as will his teammate Lance Stroll. Aston Martin incorporates new flooring, as reported by team sources, among other notable elements. However, the Asturian driver wanted to downplay this aspect and has even been ironic to highlight that they are not the only ones who continue to evolve their car: “Haas has a new car here and Mercedes also brings new things… they talk about Aston Martin as if the others put the car on a trailer between races,” he said.

“When you talk about Aston Martin, it seems that the others put the car on a trailer and come to the next race and that only we improve. We have new things, but we will have to see how they go. We only have one free practice session, at be a sprint format, and we will be focused on optimizing the aerodynamic package as much as we can,” Fernando added.

Since the Dutch GP in Zandvoort, where it was second, the AMR23 has not incorporated major evolutions. With everything. Alonso manages to remain fourth in the World Championship, 11 points behind third, Hamilton. Aston Martin has the same advantage over McLaren in the constructors’ competition. “Everyone improves and the gain or loss is always relative to what others do as well,” Alonso stressed.

Alonso has been hopeful about what lies ahead in the championship: “We arrived here with enthusiasm, there are three exciting races coming up, two with sprints, with many points at stake, so we want to end the year on a good note.”

2023-10-19 23:44:50
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