Aitana Bonmatí Speaks Out Against Poor Conditions in Women’s Football

Aitana Bonmatí sat down this past Sunday before the cameras of ‘Saved’ to speak with Gonzo after the scandal that has arisen as a result of the so-called ‘Rubiales case’. The FC Barcelona footballer, who is in impressive form right now, has experienced very closely the confrontation between the National Team players against the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the institution itself after the non-consensual kiss to his partner Jenni Hermoso.

«We are not asking, much less to be paid the same as men, we ask for decent conditions. We are talking about the first professional women’s division and in most things the only thing that has changed is putting the professional first,” the Barça midfielder lamented in this interview, who did not hesitate to talk about the poor conditions of many professional soccer players.

Aitana Bonmatí’s harsh words about the support of men’s football

The Blaugrana didn’t hold back much when talking about the former president of the RFEF and, in excerpts that La Sexta did not hesitate to share through its social networks, Aitana even acknowledged that He hadn’t been surprised by how little support they had received. she and her teammates from the national team on the men’s soccer side: “No the truth is no”he responded after Gonzo asked if he expected more from male players.

The words of the best player of the last Women’s World Cup and one of the keys to achieving the first national team title for Spain have pointed directly to her teammates on the Men’s National Team.

After the outbreak of the scandal, the team captains spoke out to show their public support for Jenni Hermoso and the rest of the players with a statement: «We want to regret and express our solidarity with the players. “We want to reject what we consider unacceptable behavior on the part of Mr. Rubiales who has not lived up to the institution he represents.”

However, the Spanish footballers stressed their intention to stay away from the controversy to focus on their professional commitments: “We would like, from now on, we could focus on sports issues given the relevance of the challenges that lie ahead,” said the representatives of the National Team.

Dani Carvajal responds to Aitana Bonmatí: “I don’t know what she can be referring to”

Some statements that agree perfectly with Dani Carvajal’s last words. The Real Madrid footballer appeared before the media after Spain certified his qualification for Euro 2024 with his victory against Norway and, after being asked by Aitana Bonmatí and her accurate confession about the support of men’s football, He admitted not knowing what he was referring to. the midfielder.

«I don’t know, the truth is that I don’t know what you mean by supporting more or not supporting. In the end what happened happened. They are restructuring what they believe or they do not feel comfortable within their environment in the Federation and well, they are restructuring the entire staff, which is marketing, communication, etc…”, recalled the Spanish full-back.

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«They are restructuring what they believe or do not feel comfortable within their environment in the Federation. Well, we focus on what we have to do, on winning and continuing to do our thing.”

Dani Carvajal

Soccer player of the Spanish National Team

Carvajal then again insisted on the men’s team’s decision to focus on the games and put aside the controversies surrounding the ‘Rubiales case’: «For us, well, we focus on what we have to do, on winning and continuing to do our thing.», assured the Spanish national team footballer before the cameras, with statements that did not take long to go viral.

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