A TikToker Discovers the Color-Changing Castle Near Siena in Tuscany

Tuscany, other than Monteriggioni! “Near Siena there is a castle that changes color based on the season!”, the story of the TikToker (On Saturday 14 October 2023)

Tuscanynon exists only the splendid castello of Monteriggioni. A TikToker testifies to how just a few km from Sienathere is a fortress that change color as the seasons pass: that’s where La Tuscany, one of Italy’s most fascinating regions, is renowned for its rich history and breathtaking architecture. Among the numerous testimonies of the past that adorn this land, castles are undoubtedly some of the most iconic and fascinating architectural works. One of the most emblematic and famous is undoubtedly that of Monteriggioni, not far from Siena.
Il castello of Monteriggioni is undoubtedly one of the jewels from the Tuscany. Situated on a hill, this …Read about Southern Tuscany excellences – other than Florence! “Near Rome there is a magical city – made of mirrors and set glass”: words of TikTokerTuscany – nothing but Piombino! Near Livorno there are “fascinating caves – unknown and free”: the story of a TikTokerTuscany – nothing but Montalcino! Near Grosseto “there is the Abbey of destiny – a magical and mysterious place” – the story of the TikTokerTuscany – nothing but Cortona! Near Arezzo “there is a village full of free sites of interest”: the story of the two TikTokersTuscany – nothing but Volterra! “Near Pistoia there is an enchanting village that no one knows”: the story of two TikTokersVillages of Italy – anything but Tuscany! “In Campania there is a beautiful one”: the testimony of a TikToker

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