A 0-7 in the last 42 seconds gives Uni an epic triumph in Poland (75-77)

Spar Girona scored an epic victory in Poland this evening. Uni has signed a very discreet performance, but when the game was almost lost (75-70), a 3+1 by Mitchell, two free throws by Canella, and a foul in attack by Gorzow, who couldn’t believe, they ended up turning the score (75-77, with a final free throw by Bertsch). The women from Girona had lost by 11 in the third quarter (50-39) and were struggling to score. You see that when things looked worst, the Uni has resurfaced. First tying the game with a Tolo basket (66-66), and then, with the stellar appearance of Mitchell, who had signed a rather discreet performance, with the 3+1 42 seconds from the end that he gave life in your team.

Spar Girona breathes and buys time to continue building the team that can be expected to inspire bravely this season. In the league, it was already known, an initial schedule with trips to Zaragoza and Salamanca was terrible, but Europe had to be the balm, the spa in which to build the team. Last week in Fontajau, Uni had no problems sweeping Diddeleng. Today, in Poland, he discovered that the Eurocup is not a triumphal walk either and in a small hall, with practically no audience or pressure, he suffered bravely to get out of it in the last few epic seconds and add the second triumph in two matches Gorzow, led by Bibby and Tsineke, made the Girona fans sweat and, for example, in the middle of the third quarter they won by eleven (50-39). But a reaction from Uni thanks to a 5-14 run, culminating in a three-pointer by Canella on the buzzer, allowed this run to close with the game tied (55-53) and everything to be decided in the last ten minutes. The Poles went back to 62-55 after a triple by Tsineke. Every time the Girona team came close, the rivals opened a hole again. But at 4:28, a Tolo basket tied the game (66-66), which given how things had gone, was the best possible news. When, with one minute left, Wentzel made it 75-70 by scoring a free throw, things looked thin. And then the scene was turned from top to bottom thanks to the stellar appearance of the American, who with a 3+1 made it 75-74.

The match could remind a little of the one in Salamanca. Uni has signed an acceptable first quarter (12-16) and has opened the second quarter of six (12-18). It seemed that the road to victory was marked, and it was just the opposite. An 11-0 run put Gorzow ahead (23-18), forcing Laura Antoja to stop the game. The women from Girona came within one (26-25 after a Magarity basket), but the Poles went into the break winning by 7 (34-27). In the resumption, Uni got to within three (40-37), but Gorzow escaped thanks to points from Bibby and Tsineke (50-39). It was the maximum local advantage, and the worst moment for Girona, who were able to save themselves first with the partial 5-14 (55-53), later with Tolo’s action of the tie (66- 66), and finally with the appearance of Mitchell, Canella and Bertsch to sign a 0-7 in 42 seconds epic and incredible.

2023-10-19 18:53:38
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