3rd League: Sandhausen boss admits misconduct – “Completely unnecessary contact”

3rd league admitted misconduct

“Completely unnecessary contact in the shoulder and chest area on both sides”

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Jürgen Machmeier has been president of SV Sandhausen since October 1999

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SV Sandhausen takes a stand on the allegations against its president. Jürgen Machmeier is said to have apologized to the referee for his behavior. The 62-year-old expects an “appropriate punishment”.

SV Sandhausen has commented on the alleged physical attack by its president Jürgen Machmeier against Florian Exner’s referee team. The 62-year-old Machmeier admitted wrongdoing, but the incident was sometimes exaggerated, according to a statement from the third division soccer team on Tuesday. Machmeier takes responsibility for his actions and is “looking forward to an appropriate punishment from the DFB sports courts”.

After the game against SSV Ulm (1:2) last Friday, there was “a verbal argument between the referees and SVS officials,” lawyer Christoph Schickhardt was quoted as saying in the club statement. This was already “unsporting and unnecessary”. “As the game progressed, there was physical contact between the referee and Jürgen Machmeier,” it continued. There was “completely unnecessary contact in the bilateral shoulder and chest area”. But no one was injured and there was no impact.

“The inappropriateness and error of Jürgen Machmeier’s behavior is undisputed,” Schickhardt continued. The referee had already accepted an apology from the SVS president. The control committee of the German Football Association (DFB) had “rightly initiated sports court proceedings” against Machmeier, explained Schickhardt. This is not yet completed. Machmeier “stands fully by his actual misconduct and takes full responsibility for it.”

Machmeier also apologized to DFB referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich. The “actual circumstances and the precise representation of the referee in his special referee report” led to “a relevant relativization of the allegations” against Machmeier that were initially published.

It was initially called a “new dimension”.

On Sunday, Fröhlich spoke of a “new dimension” of misconduct against referees. The referee from Münster and his assistant Jonah Besong were physically attacked after the game.

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When the referee team left the field and wanted to go to the dressing room, Machmeier pushed the referee backwards with his chest on the way there. The assistant then also received a kick in the upper body from the official, according to a report from the dpa.

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