“We all care about Bordalás, it’s not football”

The Getafe coach answers: “They are disproportionate words, he has to say the insult he said to me”


The Athletic Club striker Iñaki Williams was very critical of the Getafe coach, José Bordalás, whom he accused of being behind wastes of time that are “a shame” and “not football”, while the Madrid coach pointed out that He was insulted by the local striker in the 2-2 draw this Wednesday in San Mamés.

“It seems a shame that time is wasted like this, this is not football. It is not part of football. In the last few minutes, with adrenaline pumping, I went to recriminate him. The truth is that I don’t feel proud of it, but the helplessness of I don’t like the game stopping this way,” he said in statements to Movistar Plus, reported by Europa Press.

Iñaki was involved in the tense end of the match, when in stoppage time Carmona went to the ground near the Getafe bench. The forward ran to reproach Bordalás for something and in the dispute, the coach was expelled. “I know it’s his thing. Everyone in the First Division understands him, we know what his team plays, it’s legal and many of us don’t like it, but it is what it is,” he said.

For his part, the Getafe coach responded to the Athletic player at a press conference. “They are opportunistic, disproportionate and out of place words. What Iñaki Williams has to say is the insult that he said to me, which is serious. You have to be respectful as I am with everyone,” he stated.

Bordalás described his red card as “incomprehensible and unfair” and did not want to talk more about the controversy, trying to give his version of the game and of a Getafe that was not a “shabby” team. “We have not been a stingy team. We have gone for victory from the first minute. We have finished with four forwards, in case you didn’t see it,” he said.

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