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With the defeat against Poland and the consequent third place at the pre-Olympic tournament in Lodz, the Italians failed to get a direct pass to Paris 2024. However, participation in the next Olympics has not disappeared completely: Italy can still qualify thanks to the Fivb ranking which rewards the best teams among those who did not make it to the pre-Olympic tournaments


It’s not over yet. The Italians were defeated in the play-off in Lodz against the hosts Poland and failed to qualify for the direct Olympics, but the participation of Sylla and her companions in the next Paris games is not entirely compromised. The 3-1 defeat against Lavarini’s team relegated Italy to third place in the pre-Olympic tournament behind Poland and the United States, il ranking Fivbthe one calculated on a global scale based on the international matches of all teams, smiles at Italy and it is precisely this ranking that could take us to Paris.

What is the repechage criterion through ranking

The qualification rules for the Olympic Games establish that, in addition to the teams qualified through the pre-Olympic tournaments (the top two in the three groups), the national team of the host country, therefore France, will also go to Paris, and the five teams with the best Fivb ranking at the end of the preliminary phase of the next Volley Nations League which will be played between May and June 2024. To this, however, must be added the obligation of continental representation, i.e. the guaranteed participation quota of at least one team from each continent: a quibble which effectively brings the places assigned through the ranking given that Kenya is already certain to participate in the Olympics due to the enormous gap with the other African teams.

How the Fivb ranking is calculated

As regards the calculation of the ranking, it is an algorithm that attributes a certain score to each team at the end of each match played. If the team in question wins the match it receives points, if it loses it they are deducted. The amount of points awarded or deducted depends on several factors including the opponent’s ranking and the number of sets won or lost (a 3-0 gives a higher score than a 3-2).

What is Italy’s current position in the Fivb ranking

At the end of the pre-Olympic tournaments, Italy found itself in fifth position in the world ranking. Considering that all the teams preceding it have already qualified for Paris, the chances that the Italians will participate in the next Olympics are quite high. At the moment, in fact, the Italians would be first in the virtual fishing rankings. However, this is not a crystallized ranking given that the definitive calculation will only be made at the end of the preliminary phase of the VNL, that is, of the 12 matches that Italy will have to play in the three pools yet to be drawn.

Türkiye* – 397.46
Usa* – 358.62
Brazil* – 352.55
Serbia* – 350.86
ITALIA – 338.97
Chinese – 329.65
Poland* – 327.89
Dominican Republic* – 308.86
Japan – 305.09
When – 287.94

*Already qualified for Paris 2024

The teams already sure of going to the Olympics

Dominican Republic (1st place in pre-Olympic group A)
Serbia (2nd place in pre-Olympic group A)
Türkiye (1st place in pre-Olympic group B)
Brazil (2nd place in pre-Olympic group B)
Poland (1st place in pre-Olympic group C)
United States (2nd place in pre-Olympic group C)
France (Host country)
Kenya (best continental ranking)


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